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With over $16 billion in direct premiums written in 2015, Progressive is the 4th largest auto insurance company in the country. If you’re considering it for your car insurance coverage, get the insider view with our analysis of its rankings, reviews, benefits, and more.  We are not affiliated with Progressive car insurance in any way, just working to provide you with insider knowledge.

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What Do You Want to Know More About?

The Pros

Name Your Price® tool allows you to customize a plan based on your budget—not the other way around.
Snapshot®. This device attaches to your car and transmits data about your driving activity to Progressive—allowing you to save money if you drive safely.
Very Accurate Quoting Process. Progressive has 1.5 billion data points they use for an individual assessment—one billion more than any other insurance company. That means you’ll only pay what you have to because it will know exactly how you drive.

The Drawbacks

Snapshot can increase your rates if your driving habits show you are a high-risk driver. With real-time reporting, Snapshot takes into consideration more than accident history. The number of miles you drive a day, how often you drive late at night, and your acceleration and braking patterns are all assessed when determining your potential risk as a policyholder.

Low Ratings: Progressives’s repair process and high pricing has received negative customer feedback.

Lack of new car replacement coverage: Coverage used to replace a vehicle when an incident occurs leaving your car totaled.

Where Progressive Insures

Progressive offers high quality coverage in all 50 states and Washington D.C. Get a feel for how it compares price-wise to other auto insurance options in your state.

Auto Insurance

The percentage of consumers a company calls its customers in a certain state is its “market share.” For example, Progressive is the number one provider of auto insurance in Rhode Island—providing policies to 17.74% of insured drivers. Out of every insurance company in every state, it ranked in the top 10 for all 50 states and D.C. and in the top five in 40 states plus D.C..  The following states are where Progressive ranks in the top five for the percentage of drivers who are its customers:

 RankMarket Share
Rhode Island117.74%
North Dakota115.31%
South Dakota214.3%
New Hamshire212.36%
New Mexico410.04%
New Jersey49.76%
New York47.57%

States Where Progressive Sells the Most Policies

Based on its direct premiums written as a result of the sheer number of policies issued, Progressive is the most popular in Florida, Texas, California, New York and Ohio.

 Premiums Written
New York869,420
New Jersey679,007

Progressive Auto Insurance Quotes

We analyzed rates from auto insurance companies across the country to help give you a side-by-side comparison on how much you may pay based on your age, gender, and marital status. Our research indicates that Progressive is typically one of the more expensive companies when comparing it with the four biggest auto insurance providers in the country.

 25 Single Female25 Single Male40 Married Female40 Married Male
STATE FARM$1,010.65$1,204.94$981.76$1,250.44

Age, sex, marital status, and more all go into the quoting process. We looked at similar driving profiles using only one factor to give you an idea of how much Progressive costs on average.

 Progressive's Average Annual Rates
Married Drivers$1,191.30
Single Drivers$1,476.20
Teen Drivers$2,976.65
Drivers in their 20's$1,909.98
Drivers in their 30's$1,294.07
Drivers 55 and Over$957.23

* These are real numbers from 2014, but are subject to change in the coming months or years. They are only here to show you how companies stack up against each other. Rates will differ by state.

Progressive Discounts

Why pay more than you need to? Progressive offers a number of money-saving discounts to help you keep your premiums lower. See if you qualify for any of its current discounts:

  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Online Quote Discount: up to 7% off
  • Homeowners Discount
  • Home and Auto Discount: up to 8% off
  • Good Student Discount
  • Continuous Coverage
  • Electronic Document Signing Discount

Industry Rankings

A company’s rank in the industry can be a strong indication of its performance. J.D. Power positions itself as the voice of the buyer by measuring customer experience to provide consumer satisfaction ratings for top auto insurance companies. Based on the latest JD Power scores—here is how Progressive ranks:

2015 U.S. Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study

Overall Satisfaction

Service Interaction


Repair Process

Rental Car Experience



2015 JD Power U.S. Insurance Shopping Study

Overall Satisfaction

Service Interaction


Repair Process

Rental Car Experience



What Customers Think

“Progressive is affordable, with no surprises. Super easy to work with.” –Devin

“Progressive is fast when it comes to filing claims, very customer service oriented, and very reasonably priced for full coverage.” –Rachel

“I love their customer service. Any question you have, it’s is easy to call and quickly get answered. Their online/app support is amazing.”-Paige

Our Favorite Features

We tracked down even more Progressive features you might like to know about before you sign a policy.

  • Coverage Checker® tool helps you during the quoting process by highlighting coverage options that might be too much or too little to help you get the right amount of coverage you need.
  • The Progressive app allows you to view details around your policy, pay your bill, report a claim, find a service center, and get in contact with an agent at the touch of a button.
  • Keys to Progress® is an initiative Progressive participates in to support veterans. Every year, the company gives 130 veterans refurbished cars. In its three years, Progressive has helped provide reliable transportation to more than 300 military families and organizations.
  • Warrantied repairs when you work with a shop in the Progressive preferred network. This allows you to receive the same benefits that would be available using a Progressive service center.

Our Advice

You know what is best for you. We’re here to only serve as fact-presenters. Here is what we’ve found:

Progressive is best for safe drivers with clean histories.
Although Progressive has the Name Your Price tool and other options focused on price, you won’t get a low premium if you aren’t a safe driver. While some auto insurance companies specialize in high-risk drivers, Progressive does not. If you are a safe driver, Progressive Snapshot can help lower your rates even more if you prove your road worthiness.

About Progressive

Progressive Insurance was founded in 1937 in an effort to insure responsible drivers. Ever since, it has been a leading innovator in the insurance world—introducing comparison rates to the web and technology to reward drivers for safer driving.

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