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Our goal is to show you the most affordable insurance companies in Rhode Island. So if you are from the Ocean State and have your sailing legs, this is the page for you.

We know how time consuming it can be to waffle through different insurance companies to find the cheapest option. To save you time and money, we’ve gathered the information for you all in one place. We’ve broken it up into demographic sections so you can get a better idea of how much others in your state are paying for their insurance. Some of the demographics we focused on are address, age, and marital status. This way you can pick the company that best suits your needs and your wallet.

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Most Affordable Car Insurance Companies in Rhode Island

We looked at nine companies, four cities, and eight different driver profiles (single, married, male, female, etc.) so you know what to expect from your auto insurance.

Rates vary from driver to driver because they depend on driving habits, age, sex, and more–but these averages should give you an indication of where you may find the cheapest insurance. Standard liability coverage in Rhode Island is 25/100/25 which refers to what the insurance will pay someone else for injuries and property damage in an accident you caused. Whatever coverage you go with should give you security no matter what happens to your car.

Our research found that Progressive is the overall cheapest, with rates roughly $78 a month.  At only $200 more than Progressive, Travelers came in as a our second most affordable.

 Average Premium
Travelers $1,193.92
Allstate $1,300.08
Nationwide $1,548.24
GEICO $1,872.58
MetLife $1,986.50
Liberty Mutual $1,995.58
Peerless Insurance Company $2,043.00
Amica Mutual $2,144.17
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*To provide you with reliable data, we haven’t included any averages from 18-year-olds in our overall analysis. Nationwide didn’t provide rates for this age group, which made their rates look lower.

How Much Drivers Like You Spend On Auto Insurance

Because everyone has different driving habits, it makes sense that there are several different factors that go into your final insurance quote. Things like age, gender, and driving history are just a few of the factors that can make your monthly rate go up or down. We are dedicated to giving you the closest quote possible, so we broke up the data into categories, such as millennials. This way you can see what you’ll be paying based on who you are and not who your neighbor is.

Cheapest for Millennials
We looked at 25-year-old men and women, and we found that Progressive, Travelers, and Allstate are your cheapest options. Average prices are close—Progressive is only $27 cheaper than Travelers—so make sure you consider the details that matter to you before deciding. If you are a 25-year-old woman, you will also pay 7% less than a man of the same age according to our research. One exception: GEICO is the only carrier that charge men less than women.

 Average Premium
Progressive $1,181.25
Travelers $1,208.25
Allstate $1,413.50
Nationwide $1,886.00
MetLife $1,986.50
Amica Mutual $2,271.00
Peerless Insurance Company $2,278.50
GEICO $2,367.75
Liberty Mutual $2,375.75
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Cheapest for Drivers over 60:
The good news is that the older you get, the lower your car insurance rates tend to be. According to our driving sample, Progressive is less than $70 a month for men and women who are over 60. You’ll also get a price cut if you are married, so there are savings from multiple factors for this demographic.

 Average Premium
Travelers $1,180.25
Allstate $1,268.75
Nationwide $1,409.43
GEICO $1,649.75
Liberty Mutual $1,817.50
Amica Mutual $2,086.50
Peerless Insurance Company $2,111.25
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Cheapest for Married Drivers:
Because married drivers are often seen as less risky than single drivers, married men and women ages 40 to 60 enjoy lower rates. Progressive, Travelers and Allstate are the three cheapest companies, but the gap between the prices encompass a larger range. Keep in mind that your driving history comes into play here, but you can be eligible for multiple driver discounts since there are two of you. The less risky driver you and your spouse are, the cheaper your insurance will be. So if you’ve been a responsible driver, you’ll see lower rates.

 Average Premium
Travelers $1,186.75
Allstate $1,243.38
Nationwide $1,475.86
GEICO $1,625.00
Liberty Mutual $1,805.50
Peerless Insurance Company $1,925.25
Amica Mutual $2,080.75
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Cost by City

Although Rhode Island only spans 37 miles east to west and 48 miles north to south, insurance rates can vary drastically within the state. If you live in East Providence for example, your annual rates are almost $750 less than Providence. Keep in mind that the data shown here includes rates for teen drivers, which are significantly higher than other age groups.

 Average Premium
East Providence $2,721.60
Warwick $2,831.48
Pawtucket $3,064.73
Providence $3,456.49
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Progressive is not only the most affordable insurance company, but the most popular as well. Although Travelers is consistently one of the cheaper options, it ranks tenth in popularity. But, Amica Mutual is consistently more expensive, yet it’s in the top five for popularity. Different factors come into play here such as convenience, and other discounts offered by each company. Allstate and GEICO also aren’t cheaper options but rank high in popularity, so you should ask yourself why? Consider your personal needs and motivation, because different variables come into play before you get the final price.

 Market Share Percent
Amica Mutual11.54
Liberty Mutual7.99
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Best Customer Service

Out of the most popular companies in Rhode Island, Amica Mutual has the best customer satisfaction rating ratio at 0.03. The complaint ratio tells us how many consumer complaints an insurer receives per $1 million in sales. But smaller companies such as 21st Century and Selective Insurance didn’t have a complaint recorded in 2014. This way you can trust that the company you choose will likely treat you just as well as they treat their other customers.

 ComplaintPremiums WrittenComplaint Ratio
Selective Insurance0 $10,089,460.00 0
Hartford0 $5,402,735.00 0
21st Century0 $3,823,802.00 0
Harleysville Insurance0 $3,053,219.00 0
Encompass0 $2,173,619.00 0
EMC Insurance0 $2,045,114.00 0
NLC Insurance0 $1,991,585.00 0
Michael Karfunkel Grantor Annuity Trust0 $1,710,211.00 0
MiddleOak0 $1,668,965.00 0
Farm Family0 $1,563,395.00 0
Horace Mann0 $1,434,135.00 0
Markel Insurance0 $1,091,946.00 0
Amica3 $87,570,645.00 0.03
MAPFRE Insurance1 $28,000,885.00 0.04
Travelers1 $23,622,945.00 0.04
Progressive10 $134,626,018.00 0.07
Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company1 $9,833,058.00 0.10
Nationwide5 $46,795,703.00 0.11
MetLife7 $64,094,187.00 0.11
USAA5 $39,103,522.00 0.13
Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company1 $6,855,894.00 0.15
Main Street America Insurance2 $12,374,969.00 0.16
Allstate15 $83,001,278.00 0.18
GEICO18 $88,861,402.00 0.20
State Farm1 $4,433,383.00 0.23
Liberty Mutual14 $60,661,346.00 0.23
Ohio Mutual Insurance Company2 $8,255,123.00 0.24
Esurance4 $10,816,493.00 0.37
National General3 $6,558,519.00 0.46
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Our Recommendation

If your main concern is price, Progressive is our choice. Besides being the cheapest, it is also the most popular and delivers quality customer service. Travelers and Allstate are also good overall choices. Travelers isn’t as popular, but ranks cheaper, and Allstate ranks low in complaints.

If your main concern is good customer service, Amica Mutual is a good choice. Although it’s more expensive, it is still one of the most popular. Keep in mind that some companies give different discounts that could make insurance cheaper for you. It doesn’t hurt to get a specific quote from several companies before deciding. No matter which Insurance company you choose, we want you to have all the facts up front.

Where We Found the Facts

We looked at the different companies and different driver profiles within Rhode Island to give you the best overall idea of what you will be paying. Because your rate is unique to you, this information is meant to give you a general idea of what to expect. You can then compare quotes from several companies to see how they stack up. Requesting a quote from a company will also give you a good feel for their customer service so you will know what to expect farther down the road.

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