Searching for car insurance information that actually pertains to your life? We’ve done all the research and analysis to bring it to you here. If you root for the Browns or Bengals and live in the Buckeye State, this car insurance information is for you.

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Ohio’s Cheapest Companies

We compiled data from 10 cities and eight driver profiles of people with a 2013 Honda Civic LX (4-door), good credit, and no accidents to come up with average annual car insurance premiums for 12 insurance companies in Ohio. American Family only gave us rates for a 60-year old married couple which could be why its premium average is so low. Regardless, take a look to see where the cheapest auto insurance is on average in Ohio.

Cheapest Companies in OhioAverage Annual Rates
American Family$585.80
Cincinnati Insurance$1,374.40
Liberty Mutual$1,623.65
Grange Mutual$1,781.65
Motorists Mutual$2,370.05

How Much Drivers Like You Spend On Auto Insurance

If you don’t fall into the “average” category, take a look at the data below. We calculated rates by driver type to give you a more accurate picture of what your Ohio car insurance coverage could cost you.

Cheapest For Teen Drivers

After running the numbers for teen boys and girls who were 18-years old, here is where we found the cheapest rates:

 Females' RatesMales' Rates
Liberty Mutual$2,604.00$3,999.60

Cheapest For Teen Boys And Girls

On average, teenage boys will pay about 23% more for auto coverage in Ohio. It’s because of the statistics that indicate higher accident rates with male teen drivers. Nevertheless, you can look at the chart below to see where male and female teenagers can find the cheapest auto coverage in Ohio.

 Females' RatesMales' Rates
Liberty Mutual$2,604.00$3,999.60

Cheapest For Young Drivers
Based on the profiles of 25-year old men and women, we were able to determine the cheapest rates on average. Here they are:

 Average Annual Rates
Liberty Mutual$1,249.60
Grange Mutual$1,273.40
Motorists Mutual$2,098.40
Ohio Young Men v women

How Rates Fluctuate By Age And Gender

Your personal information affects your car insurance premium. From 18 to 25, men will see a 70% drop in insurance premiums. In the second chart, you can see how women’s rates drop about 65% between the same ages. Take a look.

Cheapest For Drivers Over 40

After analyzing data from 40 and 60-year old men and women drivers, we found the cheapest car insurance average premiums for this age group. If you’re in this demographic, check it out.

 Average Annual Rates
American Family$585.80
Liberty Mutual$971.60
Grange Mutual$1,036.30
Cincinnati Insurance$1,374.40
Motorists Mutual$1,435.30

Specific City Rates

Parma is one of the largest suburbs of Cleveland and has rates that are about $400 cheaper than Cleveland itself. Rates aren’t bad in Dayton, Ohio either, at nearly $200 dollars lower than Cleveland. If you live in Ohio, see what your city averages are for car insurance and what your neighbors might be paying.

Cost of Insurance by CityAverage Annual Rates

Most Popular Ohio Car Insurance Providers

Progressive, Nationwide, and Grange are all headquartered in Ohio which might be a reason why they have so much of the state’s market share—the percentage of customers a company has compared to competitors. When you’re choosing an auto insurance provider, see how popular it is in your area. It might give you more confidence if one company has more customers than others.

 Market Share Percent
State Farm19.25
Grange Mutual5.4
Liberty Mutual4.32
Erie Insurance2.89
American Family2.78

Customer Complaints

A “complaint index” reports the percentage of customers who complain compared to a company’s market share. Companies with low indexes have less complaints and ones with higher numbers need to do a better job with customer service. Pekin is Ohio’s best while Safe Auto has some work to do. Take a look.

 Premiums Written# Of ComplaintsComplaint Ratio
Pekin Ins $32,782,381 20.06
Cincinnati Ins. Co $128,201,019 100.08
Auto Owners Grp $88,733,841 80.09
Westfield Insurance $151,880,777 140.09
Travelers $34,296,597 40.12
State Farm $1,104,995,851 1390.13
Motorists Mutual $87,339,587 120.14
Western Reserve $39,856,847 60.15
Central Mutual Insurance $26,100,832 40.15
Erie Ins $165,635,470 270.16
Progressive $735,856,590 1320.18
Allstate $518,990,474 930.18
Nationwide $502,214,954 890.18
USAA $128,451,418 240.19
Safeco $136,514,043 270.20
Grange Ins $284,220,966 610.21
Liberty Mutual $104,345,242 220.21
Standard $24,131,254 50.21
State Auto Mutual $63,416,973 140.22
The Hartford $26,858,803 60.22
Ohio Mutual $37,387,215 90.24
Farmers $91,003,376 220.24
Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company $24,019,043 90.37
Amerian Family $131,678,210 500.38
Metlife $23,650,232 90.38
Geico $304,174,585 1270.42
Esurance $40,101,143 190.47
Alfa Ins $28,495,860 331.16
Safe Auto $62,322,596 941.51

Our Recommendation

We want you to use all of our data and analysis to make the best car insurance decision possible. That being said, you should pick a provider that has done well in multiple categories. Erie and Westfield Insurance are examples of this because they both scored in the top three for premium pricing and in the top ten for popularity and customer service.

If you’re planning to move to Ohio, pay special attention to our cheapest car insurance by city feature. Rates can vary wildly by city – you could get a much higher car insurance estimate in Dayton, OH than in Parma, for example.

If you still have questions, there are agents who can help. Give them a call at now to get started with a quote or find answers to your car insurance questions.

Where We Found The Facts

We did a lot of research to make this page possible. The one thing that might not work for you though are the premiums. While we use real driver profiles based on people who drive a 2013 Honda Civic LX (4-door) and have good credit and no accidents, your rates will be different unless this matches exactly.

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