Our in-depth, easy, and understandable car insurance guide is here to help drivers in the Bluegrass State find the most affordable insurance companies, most popular, and those with the best customer satisfaction scores. If you talk with a southern twang and live in horse country, this Kentucky car insurance page is for you.

What Are You Looking For?

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Kentucky

We’re sure a vast majority of drivers want to know which auto insurance providers are the cheapest in Kentucky. Annual rates range from $1,100 to over $5,000 for an average driver, with Ameriprise Financial and Pharmacists Mutual being the two most affordable according to our research.

Cheapest to Most Expensive 
Ameriprise Financial
Pharmacists Mutual$1,499.27
Cincinnati INSURANCE CO$1,561.75
Virginia Farm Bureau$1,757.21
CSAA Insurance$1,765.33
Everett Mutual$1,824.10
PURE Insurance$1,867.00
Auto Owners Insurance$2,547.21
Kentucky Fam Bureau$2,553.92
EMC Insurance$2,757.22
Automobile Club of Michigan$2,771.42
Secura Insurance$2,797.31
Electric Insurance$2,801.29
State Farm$2,883.28
Kemper $2,894.90
Central Mutual$3,040.83
Motorists Mutual$3,044.19
State Auto Mutual$3,071.22
The Hartford$3,141.48
American Commerce$3,273.02
21ST Century$3,325.63
GuideOne $3,343.04
Shelter Insurance $3,369.92
Amica Mutual$3,381.38
Grange Mutual$3,401.25
Kentucky National $3,473.21
Hallmark Financial$3,490.71
American National$3,585.02
Liberty Mutual$3,728.27
Indiana Insurance Company$3,734.36
California Casualty$3,832.98
American Family$3,979.97
National General$4,119.69
Grange Mutual$4,215.73
Safe Auto $4,219.79
Star Casualty$4,275.84
Chubb Insurance$4,289.95
MS & AD Insurance$4,552.50
Allianz Insurance$4,688.69
Alfa Insurance$5,180.30
American Independent$5,227.34

* If you’re wondering how we came up with this information, we delved into the state’s auto insurance website and dug up facts and figures. Then, we calculated rates based on average driver profiles.

How Much Drivers Like You Spend On Auto Insurance

Insurance companies consider your age, gender, job, and much more when calculating your auto insurance rates. That’s why you can expect to pay a much different premium as a married, 40-year old woman than say an 18-year old male driver. Curious what those differences would be? It’s your lucky day because we broke down average auto premiums for women, men, teens, and more so you can see what prices you might get when you shop for quotes.

Cheapest For Young Drivers Under 25

If you’re under 25, this section is for you. See how much you might pay with certain insurers for your auto coverage. Pharmacists Mutual and Erie, according to our analysis are about 6% cheaper than Cincinnati Insurance, the third most affordable.  GuideOne Insurance and State Auto Mutual, the two most expensive are roughly $1,000 more expensive than the cheapest. This can be because younger drives are not their target customers and may be seen as too high a risk.

Cheapest for drivers under 25 
Pharmacists Mutual$781.88
Cincinnati Insurance$863.38
Virginia Farm Bureau$885.25
Everett Mutual$928.13
ACE $1,061.13
Amerprise Financial$1,233.25
PURE Insurance$1,418.88
Motorists Mutual$1,488.81
State Farm$1,510.25
Kentucky Farm Bureau$1,579.38
Secura Insurance$1,629.00
EMC Insurance$1,723.88
State Auto Mutual$1,779.13
GuideOne $1,783.88

Cheapest For Kentucky Families

We researched couples in their 50’s with two teen drivers and four insured vehicles to come up with the following premiums. While it’s the 7th most affordable overall in the state, ACE Insurance provides the best rates for multi-vehicle families.

Cheapest for Kentucky Families 
Pharmacists Mutual$3,388.00
Cincinnati Insurance$3,728.50
PURE Insurance$3,816.50
Virginia Farm Bureau$3,835.75
CSAA Insurance$3,923.69
Everett Mutual$4,189.75
Auto Owners Group$5,003.63
Automobile Club of Michigan$5,059.14

*While these rates are the highest shown, remember its for four vehicles.  If these rates were divided by four, annual rates would be between $800 and $1,200 a year.  Because insurance discounts can be provided to policies with more than one vehicle, we did not estimate what each car may be.

Cheapest For Newlyweds

The honeymoon phase won’t end after the wedding. Auto insurance is much sweeter for married couples in their 20’s and early 30’s who don’t have kids. According to our analysis, CSAA Insurance is more than 50% more affordable than Grange Mutual in Kentucky.  Here are the cheapest rates in Kentucky for you and your sweetheart.

Cheapest for young couples 
CSAA $591.00
Cincinnati Insurance$627.25
PURE Insurance$758.75
Pharmacists Mutual$823.25
Safeco $902.88
Everett Mutual$929.75
Ameriprise $990.00
Electric Insurance$1,034.25
Kentucky Farm Bureau$1,035.88
Auto Owners Group$1,118.69
Virginia Farm Bureau$1,127.25
Grange Mutual$1,175.75

Cheapest For Women

Our research shows that women in Kentucky will pay much less for auto coverage than their male counterparts. Strangely enough though, Ameriprise—which is the cheapest option for Kentucky gents—doesn’t rank in the cheapest options for the ladies.

Cheapest Women

Cheapest For Male Kentucky Drivers

Men will pay nearly twice as much as women for car insurance. We do have a bright side to this gloom: the cheapest car insurance providers for average male drivers in Kentucky.

Cheapest Men

City Rates

We’ve told you about the differences in rates depending on who you are and what you do. You’ll also pay more for car insurance based on your address. Take Lexington for instance. You’ll spend a little over $2,900 for an annual policy in Lexington, but almost $1,000 more a year for one in Pikeville. Check out the city pricing below to see where your premiums might fall.

Price by city 
Bowling Green$3,027.63

Most Popular Kentucky Car Insurance Providers

Ever heard of the term, “market share?” It shows the percentage of customers a company has compared to competitors. You can look at it as a company’s popularity. Just know that the higher the number, the more “popular” they are and the more customers they have compared to other companies.

We’re bringing this up because it can show you a lot about a company that may not meet the eye. State Farm, for instance, is Kentucky’s top auto insurance provider—with almost a quarter of the state’s insured drivers signed on its policies. It’s one of the more expensive providers though at nearly $3,000 a year. The thing to ask here is why a majority of customers are going with a provider that isn’t the cheapest? The answer might be that its coverage and service make up for the cost.

You’ll see that the cheapest option, Ameriprise, that’s only about $1,100 a year, isn’t even on the top ten for market share. It’s just something to hem-and-haw about before you make a decision. Here are the numbers:

Most PopularMarket ShareAverage Annual Premiums
State Farm23.73$2,883.28
Kentucky Farm Bureau18.13$2,553.92
Liberty Mutual7.16$3,728.27
State Auto Mutual Group2.11$3,071.22
Shelter Insurance1.94$3,369.92

Customer Complaints

A “complaint index” shows the percentage of people who complain about a company compared to its market share. Don’t worry about memorizing that explanation. Just know that the lower the number, the less complaints a company gets. And what do low complaint averages mean? Happier customers.

As you can see, a bunch of Kentucky auto insurance providers have a zero—which shows us that they’re doing a good job of keeping customers happy overall. State Auto, Progressive, and Safeco are above 1.0, the national average.

Customer Service 
Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual0
Liberty Mutual0
Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance0
Cincinnati Ins Co0
Zurich Insurance Group0
State Farm0.1
State Auto1

Use this index as a deciding factor when choosing an insurance provider. The lower the complaints, the higher the probability that you’ll be happy with an auto insurer’s coverage.

Our Recommendation

All we want to do is bring you the right information in a sensical way so you can make an auto insurance decision on your own.

If we were going to make a recommendation though, we’d tell you to base your decision on the auto insurance companies that have the highest overall rankings in the most categories. For instance, USAA is the only company in Kentucky that ranked in the top 10 for market share, best customer service (based on low complaints), and for the cheapest premiums. Close seconds were Allstate, Cincinnati Insurance, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Kentucky Farm Bureau, Nationwide, Progressive, State Auto, and State Farm. Now all you need to do is whittle that list down to see which one has the most of your priorities covered.

Still not sure what to do? There’s a whole team of experts who know how to help. Whether you’re busy rooting for Louisville football or tending to your herd, they’ll help you find a quote or answer your questions lickety-split so you can get back to it. Call 855-462-2213  to talk to an agent today.

Where We Found The Facts

No smoke and mirrors here. We pulled all of this data from real, credible sources (listed below) and then translated that into average rates. By no means will you get these exact quotes. They’re just here to give you an idea of what you might get when you call for one. Since every driver is different, the only way to get an accurate quote is to call. We just wanted to give you some expectations before that.

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