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We’re in the business of breaking down car insurance for you in a way that actually makes sense. If you are sick of Wizard of Oz jokes, can see clear across the state (on account of it being flat and all), and need some car insurance cost information that pertains to you, this page will be right up your alley.

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Kansas’s Cheapest Companies

Out of 10 cities and 10 driver profiles, we found car insurance annual averages for 21 insurance companies.  Our research shows that on average, Travelers Insurance is the most affordable car insurance provider in the Sunflower State.  At about $937.14 a year, or roughly $78 a month, it is almost $100 cheaper than Progressive and American Family Insurance, the second and third cheapest companies.

Why should this matter to you? For one, if you’re looking for the cheapest quotes in Kansas for the average driver, this will give you a place to start. It’ll also show you the range of what people pay from company to company. Travelers is just under $940 and is much cheaper than Traders which hit the $4,000 mark.  Take a look and see for yourself where you’ll most likely find the cheapest auto coverage in Kansas according to our analysis.

Cheapest to Most Expensive 
American Family$1,041.12
State Auto Mutual$1,075.21
QBE Insurance$1,132.00
Cincinnati Insurance$1,231.35
Iowa Farm Bureau$1,236.52
Safeco $1,278.14
Alliance Insurance$1,304.92
CSAA Insurance$1,366.83
Shelter Insurance$1,444.31
State Farm$1,485.07
Auto Club Enterprises$1,538.73
Brickstreet Mutual$1,566.06
Traders Insurance$4,265.16
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How Much Drivers Like You Spend On Auto Insurance

In order for insurance companies ti give you an accurate quote on your premium, they will look at your age, gender, driving history, and more.  This is so that they can determine the amount of risk they are accepting by writing you a policy, as well as how much coverage you need.  To help you see how much you may pay based on your driving profile, we’ve broken down rates into several categories.  Remember, you are unique, so these rates should only be used to give you an indication of what you may pay.

Cheapest For Women and Men

Ladies, you definitely luck out on car insurance premiums in Kansas–you’ll pay 19% less than men. This may be because women are seen as lower risk customers.  Our research shows that Travelers is the most affordable regardless of sex.  Progressive is the second cheapest option for women, but isn’t in the top three for male drivers.  Here are the companies with the cheapest to most expensive premiums for female and male drivers:

Ladies Guys 
Progressive$887.88American Family$1,096.58
American Family$985.65State Auto Mutual$1,140.77
State Auto Mutual$1,009.65Progressive$1,193.31
QBE Insurance$1,067.23QBE Insurance$1,196.77
Cincinnati Insurance$1,094.23Iowa Farm Bureau$1,311.27
Safeco$1,152.90Cincinnati Insurance$1,368.46
Iowa Farm Bureau$1,161.77Alliance Insurance$1,382.08
CSAA Insurance$1,203.35Safeco$1,403.38
Alliance Insurance$1,227.77GEICO$1,422.04
USAA$1,266.31CSAA Insurance$1,530.31
State Farm$1,303.01Allstate$1,546.28
Shelter Insurance$1,312.46Shelter Insurance$1,576.15
Auto Club Enterprises$1,433.81Auto Club Enterprises$1,647.84
Brickstreet Mutual$1,452.69State Farm$1,667.14
Farmers$1,460.04Brickstreet Mutual$1,681.65
Traders Insurance$3,691.37Traders Insurance$4,838.95
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Cheapest For Teens

Teen drivers are new to the road, so insurance companies know to expect an accident or two. This is also a reason why teens pay more for auto coverage. American Family tops our list of most affordable for less experienced drivers at $1,775.80 a year.  Notice that Travelers, the state’s overall most affordable, doesn’t make the list of affordable options for teens.  Based on male and female 16-year old drivers, here are the rates you might expect to pay—starting with the cheapest coverage available:

Best for Teen Drivers 
American Family$1,775.80
Cincinnati Insurance$2,132.50
Alliance Insurance$2,193.90
State Auto Mutual$2,262.40
QBE Insurance$2,293.70
Iowa Farm Bureau$2,509.40
Shelter Insurance$2,742.60
Brickstreet Mutual$2,816.53
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Cheapest For 21-Year Olds

You’re not a teen anymore, but you’ll still pay more as a young driver than more experienced people. Take State Auto Mutual for example, the most affordable option when analyzing rates for men and women age 21. Its rates drop almost 50% when comparing teens to drivers in their 20’s.  Check out the cheapest car insurance providers for the average 21-year old male or female driver:

Best for Drivers Age 21 
State Auto Mutual$1,224.60
American Family$1,240.40
QBE Insurance$1,321.70
Iowa Farm Bureau$1,544.00
CSAA Insurance$1,553.20
State Farm$1,605.59
Cincinnati Insurance$1,636.30
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Cheapest For Established Drivers

From 21 to 35, rates drop about 45%. That’s seriously good news for you. Want some more? Check out the cheapest car insurance rates by provider in Kansas for your age group:

Best for Middle Age Drivers 
State Auto Mutual$718.73
State Farm$810.18
American Family$821.09
QBE Insurance$822.18
Allstate $827.91
CSAA Insurance$832.73
Cincinnati Insurance$872.36
Iowa Farm Bureau$893.55
Alliance Insurance$970.55
Auto Club Enterprises$1,019.64
Shelter Insurance$1,060.55
Brickstreet Mutual$1,201.27
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Cheapest For People Over 50

Looking at men and women drivers age 55 and 70, we found that you’ll pay a lot less than other groups for car insurance. Our sample group had clean driving histories, so rates will change if you have an accident or two on your record. Under these ideal driver profiles though, rates will be much lower for experienced drivers, as they are seen as a less risky profile to insure. Here are the cheapest companies in Kansas:

Best for Drivers Over 50 
State Auto Mutual$593.82
QBE Insurance$678.36
CSAA Insurance$705.45
Iowa Farm Bureau$731.09
State Farm$738.91
American Family$740.00
Cincinnati Insurance$804.73
Allstate $814.36
Shelter Insurance$870.55
Auto Club Enterprises$897.64
Brickstreet Mutual$989.09
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City Rates

Home sweet home is definitely better in some places than others. Why? Because car insurance rates vary by city. For instance, you’ll pay nearly double for insurance in Garden City than what you’d pay in Colby. It seems nuts, but insurance companies have their reasons (crime rate, demographic, etc.). See how your hometown in Kansas averages for auto insurance below.

Price by City 
Johnson County: Zip 66221$1,209.25
Wyandotte County$1,398.89
Johnson County: Zip 66204$1,413.30
Garden City$1,593.39
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Most Popular Kansas Car Insurance Providers

A word we use to talk about popularity is “market share.” It shows us the percentage of customers a company has compared to competitors.

Market share is a great way to gauge how a company is doing in your area. Take State Farm for instance. It’s the top auto provider in Kansas, but it’s in the middle of the road when it comes to premiums. The smart thing to wonder about here is why the most people flock to a company that isn’t the cheapest? It could be that its coverage and customer service outweighs the cost. While the cheapest option in Kansas for the average driver is Travelers at just around $940, it doesn’t rank in the top for market share.

Most PopularMarket ShareAverage Annual Rate
State Farm20.51$1,485.07
American Family12.67$1,041.12
Iowa Farm Bureau8.21$1,236.52
Liberty Mutual4.15N/A
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You can pull the decision trigger here, but we want you to see how companies measure up with market share in comparison to their rates.

Customer Complaints

Ever complain about something with your insurance? It didn’t go unheard. There’s something called a “complaint index” that logs the percentage of customers who complain compared to a company’s market share. You just need to know that the lower the number, the less complaints a company has and the happier the customers as a whole probably are. The higher, and well, you can put two and two together.

USAA is ranked the best for low customer complaints in Kansas, while Traders is astronomically high. If you’re looking for an insurance company, make sure they have a low complaint index by checking out this list.

Best Customer ServiceComplaint Index
State Farm0.57
Shelter Mutual Insurance Company0.65
American Family0.75
Allied Property & Casualty Insurance Company0.76
American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin1.00
Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange1.56
Dairyland Insurance Company3.44
Traders Insurance Company5.86
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Our Recommendation

We provided you with all of this information so that you can make up your own mind about the car insurance company you want to work with! We’re just here to help you along with all the facts and information you need to do so.

Based on overall scores, American Family, GEICO, Progressive, and State Farm all ranked in the top ten for cheapest coverage, most popular by market share, and best customer service (based on low complain indexes). In general, it’s smart to go with a company that’s all-around excellent. While there are cheaper options out there, they might fall short in customer service or coverage, so it’s something to think about for sure.

If you still have questions, give an agent a call today. The number’s [mapi-phone /].

Where We Found The Facts

All the stuff you read on this page is true and came from the credible links below. We just used our own brains to calculate premiums from the data. While the numbers there are right for those driver categories, they might not be exactly what you get when you call for a quote. That’s because insurance companies use billions of data points based on your exact information to determine your unique quote. The best way to get the right price is to call! This is just here to give you an idea of what to expect when you do.

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