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Oregon’s Cheapest Providers

Depending on what kind of driver you are, where you live, how old you are, and a lot of other information, you’ll pay a different rate for car insurance. We calculated the average premiums for all Oregon drivers based on 10 cities, eight driver profiles, and nine companies. In all of our driver profiles, the driver drives a 2013 Honda Civic LX (4-door), has good credit, 50/100/100 coverage, and no accidents. Our research shows that Oregon Mutual is the clear cheapest option, coming in $150 cheaper than American Family, the second most affordable option.

Oregon Mutual, created under the motto “insurance of the people, by the people, and for the people,” only sells in four other states.  So while it does have the lowest premiums, it may not have the financial backing that comes with more nationally recognized insurance providers such as American Family, Allstate, Travelers, and more.

Take a look to see how much you could pay for car insurance depending on which insurance company you choose.

 Average Quote
Oregon Mutual$894.95
American Family$1,045.25
Country Financial$1,434.85
Liberty Mutual$2,204.00

How Much Drivers Like You Spend On Auto Insurance

Car insurance premiums aren’t one-size-fits-all, in fact– insurance companies products are tailored to, and best fits, for certain driver profiles.  You’ll be able to project what you’ll spend on car insurance in Oregon better if you look at average rates for people like you. Below, find our research on average premiums by company for millennials, seniors, Gen X drivers, and more.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Millennials

Young drivers typically pay more for car insurance—especially between 18 and 25. We did some calculating and found the cheapest options for car insurance for millennials. Since rates in our research range from $1,200 with Oregon Mutual to over $2,800 with Liberty Mutual, you’ll want to take a look to see if you can save.

 Average Quote
Oregon Mutual$1,200.40
American Family$1,444.40
Country Financial$1,911.20
Liberty Mutual$2,874.13

How Rates Change For Drivers As You Age

We just mentioned how rates are most expensive for teen drivers and how premiums tend to go down as you age. From 18 to 25, male drivers can see up to an 85% in car insurance rates!  For women, rates drop on average 60%.  This is because statistics show that female drivers get in less accidents than their male counterparts in their teens, so rates for teen women aren’t as high at the age of 18.  See for yourself how rates drop for young male and female drivers with the insurance companies we studied.


Oregon1 Oregon2


Cheapest for Gen X Drivers

Everyone loves a bargain. Using annual premiums provided for 40-year old male and female drivers, we were able compute the cheapest companies for Gen X drivers. We found that Oregon Mutual, American Family, and Travelers provide the lowest rates, but even Farmers, Allstate, and Country Financial offer comparable annual costs.

 Average Quote
Oregon Mutual$625.00
American Family$678.00
Country Financial$962.80
Liberty Mutual$1,781.60

*These premiums are based on computing information on 40-year old male and female drivers.

Cheapest For Seniors

We took a look at married men and women who were 60-years old to find the cheapest auto coverage in Oregon. You’ll find that this group pays the least amount compared to millennials and Gen X drivers.

 Average Quote
Oregon Mutual$554.00
American Family$614.20
Country Financial$954.20
Liberty Mutual$1,621.20

Specific City Rates

What do all drivers in Oregon have in common?  The fact that they can’t pump their own gas!  But that’s where the similarities end because they even pay different rates for car insurance based on location. Take Salem and Hillsboro for instance. They’re only about an hour apart, but rates differ by almost $400. See what your neighbors might be paying for car insurance with our calculations below.

 Average Quote

Most Popular Oregon Car Insurance Companies

Market share shows the percentage of customers a company has compared to competitors. You can look at it as popularity and in Oregon, State Farm has the state’s most customers—nearly a quarter! When choosing an insurance company, it’s smart to see how popular a company is with other customers.Take Oregon Mutual for instance.  While it’s the cheapest consistently, it’s not in the top 10 for most popular.  Usually people flock to certain providers for a reason, so it’s a good indication of where you might be happiest.

 Market Share Percent
State Farm
Liberty Mutual9.91
Country Insurance3.62
American Family3.5

Customer Satisfaction Rating

A “complaint index” explains the percentage of customer complaints compared to its market share. In other words, it shows how many customers are unhappy with service. The lower numbers are best and anything over 1.0 indicates a worrisome percentage of customer dissatisfaction. Nationwide, Mutual of Enumclaw, and Oregon Mutual Insurance are the best in the state when it comes to a low complaint index. Esurance is the worst of the companies we looked at, but by no means is its margin of complaints terrible.

 PremiumsComplaintsComplaint Ratio per 1,000,000
Mutual of Enumclaw22,943,14200
Oregon Mutualurance21,769,37700
Country Ins80,815,70320.02
State Farm484,281,004280.06
American Family69,119,50260.09
The Hartford22,536,18420.09
Ameriprise Financial18,433,41920.11
Liberty Mutual48,267,21560.12

Just make sure you look at the complaint index before you choose a car insurance company so you can make sure its up to snuff customer service-wise.

Our Recommendation

Our only recommendation is that you make the decision that’s right to you after reading all the facts on this page. That, and one more thing: that you go with a car insurance company that’s an all-around champion.

Allstate, American Family, and Country Insurance all ranked in the top five for cheapest premiums and in the top 10 for customer service and market share. Go with a provider like this and you should be in good shape.

If you still need help, give a licensed agent a call. He/she would be happy to walk you through details about Oregon car insurance and help you shop around for quotes.

Where We Found The Facts

We did a lot of number crunching here based on very specific information. While all the rates are accurate for these driver profiles, if you don’t match it completely then your rates will likely differ. We wanted to give you an idea of what you could pay for car insurance in Oregon, but the only way to know for sure is to call and get a custom quote.

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