We’ve already done the hard part for you. Just take a look at this streamlined, yet heavily researched auto insurance information tailored to your state. We believe the New Hampshire state motto “Live Free or Die” is in harmony with the cheapest auto insurance.

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Overall Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in New Hampshire

Our analysis included nine cities and 27 different companies, with a range of different coverages. You’ll notice that The Hartford is by far the cheapest auto insurance provider, but those low rates were provided only for married drivers older than age 70. Considering New Hampshire has an above average percentage of residents over the age of 65, The Hartford has actively targeted that demographic. The Hartford, which has been around for more than 200 years, made history as the first to provide auto and home insurance to AARP members, a partnership still in place today. As for the younger generations, Safeco, American National, GEICO, and Progressive are all below $1,000 a year, making them the cheapest option for the majority of drivers. With these companies, you’ll pay less than $85 a month.

 Annual Rate
The Hartford$429.78
American National$804.83
Plymouth Rock$1,039.21
Liberty Mutual$1,110.48
Motorists Mutual$1,252.76
Columbia Insurance$1,257.62
Vermont Mutual$1,363.76
MAPFRE Insurance$1,387.90
State Farm$1,510.43
Amica Mutual$1,516.32
Co Operative Insurance$1,645.98
Union Mutual$1,691.59
Auto Club Enterprises$1,752.95
The Hanover$1,939.37
Central Mutual$2,181.62

How Much “Drivers Like

An auto insurance rate is, in a way,  like a personality test. Depending upon age, sex, location, driving history, and other factors, your insurance rate is unique to you. Find the section below that most closely resembles your demographical situation, and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect to pay in for auto insurance. Don’t worry, we have everything you need here.

Cheapest for Women
Good news ladies, our research shows that on average you’ll pay about 18 percent less than men will for auto insurance. According to our research, Safeco will charge you roughly $150 less a year than for a man. The 10 auto insurance companies that we researched are consistent with those low-rate statistics. Congratulations to women everywhere. Insurance companies in New Hampshire see you as a lower risk customer, and your auto insurance rates reflect that.

 Annual Rate
American National$544.22
Liberty Mutual$854.94
Plymouth Rock$920.94
Columbia Insurance$996.89

Cheapest for Men
Men, you may have to pay a little more for auto insurance than your female counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great rates. Below you’ll find average auto insurance rates for men in New Hampshire from 10 auto insurance companies. Remember, your auto insurance rate is not purely defined by sex, so if you have a good driver history or are the target age demographic for an insurance provider, you can expect better auto insurance deals.

 Annual Rate
American National$867.06

Cheapest for Teens
As all good New Hampshire parents know, finding the right auto insurance for your teenager is important. The 15 different auto insurance rates you’ll see below are for single 19–year-old females with a good driving record. In other words, these rates are sort of a best case scenario, but certainly possible for the average teenager. Keep in mind that age is not necessarily contingent on a good rate. Our research shows that rates typically drop by 26 percent between ages 19 and 23, but some insurance companies like Liberty Mutual and American National actually increase their rates as teens get older. Make sure that you are getting the best auto insurance deal for whatever stage your teen is in.

 Annual Rate
American National$421.22
Liberty Mutual$885.56
Columbia Insurance$1,254.67
Plymouth Rock$1,279.33
Auto Club Enterprises$1,444.22

Cheapest for Adults under 40
To get a proportional average sample, we took rates for single males, ages 23 and 30, and a single female age 35. Considering this demographic is significantly large, we researched 26 different companies to give you the best idea of what to expect. Adults under 40 fall under the target demographic for major auto insurance companies like Safeco, Progressive, and American Financial. So, if Progressive commercial spokeswoman Flo has struck a chord with you, now you know why. If you fall under this category, Safeco, Progressive, and American Financial will likely be your best bet for the cheapest auto insurance.

Cheapest for Couples
For this demographic, we looked at 15 different rates for married couples with the same age, specifically ages 35, 44, and 65. The Hartford tops that list, but it only for married drivers who are at least age 65. Considering rates are traditionally lower for drivers ages 65 and older, and The Hartford prefers demographic, their rates are understandably low. Notice that Liberty Mutual is the third most affordable on this list, but its rates are generally more expensive for other demographics. This is because Liberty Mutual’s auto insurance is specifically tailored to more affluent customers. If you own a home and have multiple cars, Liberty Mutual may be a good auto insurance provider to consider.

 Annual Rate
The Hartford$429.78
Liberty Mutual$839.93
American National$937.07
Plymouth Rock$1,013.41
Columbia Insurance$1,048.78
Motorists Mutual$1,144.44
Vermont Mutual$1,248.00

Cost by City

We looked at nine of the biggest cities in New Hampshire to give you an idea of what to expect for auto insurance, depending on where you live. Some external factors are in play with this particular list. For example, Keene has the cheapest auto insurance cost average, but it also has an average household income that is well below the state average. Manchester, on the other hand, is the largest city in New Hampshire and has the most expensive auto insurance rates. Of course there are exceptions to those trends, but the majority of insurance rates are influenced by location.

 Annual Rate
North Rural$1,271.81
South Rural$1,311.59

Here you will find the most popular auto insurance providers in terms of market share and average cost. Market share means the percentage of the insurance industry controlled by a particular provider. For example, 12.67 percent of New Hampshire auto insurance is with State Farm (who unfortunately did not provide us rates). Progressive and GEICO, which come in second and third, respectively, are consistently one of the cheaper options in the state for every demographic according to our research. The fourth most popular auto insurance provider, Liberty Mutual, specifically caters to New Hampshire’s older demographic that makes up a significant portion of the state.

 Market %Annual Rate
State Farm12.67N/A
Liberty Mutual12.01$1,110.48
Amica Mutual3.8$1,516.32

Best Customer Service

The numbers that you see on this list are called complaint ratios. A complaint ratio is the number of complaints an insurer receives per 1 million sales. This category gives companies like Concord General Mutual Insurance, Hanover Insurance, and Progressive the chance to shine. Despite Concord General coming in seventh in the most popular auto insurance list, an average of zero complains is remarkable. The same can be said for Hanover and Progressive.

 Complaint Index
Concord General Mutual Insurance0
Hanover Insurance0.05
State Farm0.07
Liberty Mutual0.13

Our Recommendation

We want you to make your own decision based on what is best for your needs. We’re here to give you the facts to make that decision as easy as possible. For starters, if you are lucky enough to be a part of the over 65 community, The Hartford is an easy choice for auto insurance. Combining its low rates and longevity in New Hampshire, The Hartford is a reliable insurer for those who fall into its target demographic.

For those under 65, the auto insurance providers that consistently rank the best are Progressive, Liberty Mutual, GEICO, and USAA. GEICO is the only auto insurance provider that ranks in the top five for cost, popularity, and customer service. On the other hand Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and USAA all rank in the top 10 for cost, popularity, and customer service. Committing to any of these insurers is generally a safe bet. However, be sure to consider your unique circumstances because certain insurers give better rates to certain demographics. Just because State Farm or Progressive are the most popular in the state, that doesn’t mean they would be the best insurers for your specific situation. Thankfully everything you need is already right here to determine the best option for you.

Where We Found the Facts

To gather this data, we relied on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, New Hampshire government documents, the national census, and city websites. Remember that annual auto insurance rates are unique to drivers, and this data is only meant to give you an idea of what to expect in New Hampshire. Please take advantage of this data—it was compiled with you in mind! We recommend consulting two to three companies before committing to ensure that you are getting the best rate possible.

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