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Here you’ll find everything you need to know—from Utah’s average car insurance rates by company to the most popular auto insurance providers—so you can find all the information you need faster. If you know you have the “Best Snow on Earth” and can spend time in the desert and mountains all in one day, this page is for you Utahans.

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Utah’s Cheapest Companies

If expensive car insurance makes you as depressed as the winter inversions, cheer up! We found the cheapest options for you based on average drivers. On average, you’ll pay about $1,600 a year on car insurance, but there are also a number of options cheaper than that too. Take a look to see where you might find the cheapest auto coverage in Utah.

 Average Annual Rates
Bear River Mutual Insurance$1,108.70
Auto Owners Group$1,376.10

*We used a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu LT, 4-door and the profile of a driver with a clean driving record, mid-range credit information, and daily mileage of six to 30 miles to calculate these averages.

How Much Drivers Like You Spend On Auto Insurance

Not an average driver? Check out the specific drivers we calculated premiums for so you can get a better idea of what you’ll pay for Utah car insurance.

Cheapest For Drivers Under 25

USAA is the cheapest for teens and also cheaper than rates for average drivers—according to our research. Rates jump by several hundred dollars as you go down the list, so make sure to take a look to see where you can find the cheapest rates as a driver under 25.

Most AffordableAverage Annual Rate
Bear River$1,656.75
Auto Owners Group$2,031.50
Iowa Farm Bureau$2,618.50
State Farm$2,713.00
American Family$3,252.25

Differences In Rates For Young Male and Female Drivers

Guys pay about 20% more for car insurance at this age than their female peers. Based on our research, here’s where you can find the cheapest rates for men and women who are 25 and under in Utah:


Cheapest For Gen X Drivers

Based on research of 39-year old single men and women, we were able to find the cheapest Utah car insurance rates for Generation X drivers. GEICO comes in on top in our study and is also $1,000 cheaper than the most expensive option.

Most AffordableAverage Annual Rate
Bear River$755.50
Auto Owners Group$981.00
American Family$1,135.50
Iowa Farm Bureau$1,162.50
State Farm$1,339.75

Rates for Married Vs Single Drivers

Single and married drivers will pay unique rates. In general, singles pay more for car insurance, Based on our calculations, we found that married drivers pay about 4% less than their single peers (after researching married and single drivers who were 30). If you’re single, Farmers and Progressive are the only car insurance options in Utah that offer lower rates for single drivers.

Cheapest For Driver 65 And Older

After looking at driver profiles of older married couples—men and women who were 66—we found that the following companies offer the cheapest rates for this demographic.

 Average Rates
Bear River$719.00
Auto Owners Group$855.50
American Family$1,038.00
Iowa Farm Bureau$1,068.00
State Farm$1,200.75

City Rates

During the four hour drive from Draper to St. George, your car insurance rates will drop by over $200 based on our calculations. We don’t mean that yours actually will, just that your fellow Utahan’s in St. George pay less for auto coverage than people in Draper. All insurance companies use location, age, gender, and a ton of other information to decide on premiums for drivers. Take a look at the average city rates across Utah so you’ll have a better guess as to what you might be paying for it where you live.

 Average Rates
St. George$1,501.43
North Ogden$1,624.25

Most Popular Utah Car Insurance Companies

Checking out how popular a company is compared to competitors is key to making the right insurance choice. We found that State Farm has the most customers for auto insurance in Utah—nearly 20%! The interesting thing to notice here is that State Farm is Utah’s 9th cheapest option. So why are more people buying auto coverage from that company? It could be unseen factors like great customer service of coverage options. Bear River—Utah’s second cheapest auto insurance provider based on our averages—has a tiny market share. Just consider that when looking at the market share chart below.

 Market Share PercentAverage Annual Rate
State Farm17.22 $1,293.42
Allstate12.26 $1,397.83
Farmers11.79 $1,036.00
Progressive7.27 $1,293.50
Bear River5.23$743.33
American Family4.75 $1,103.00
Liberty Mutual4.1N/A

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

A “complaint index” measures the percentage of customers who complain compared to the amount a company has in that area (market share). Lower numbers indicate less complaints and higher numbers reveal more unhappy customers. Allstate has the best customer complaint index and shows that customers are pretty happy on average. Auto Owners Insurance has the worst, but anything under 1.0 is still very good.

Allstate Insurance CompanyN/A0
Allstate Property & Casualty InsuranceN/A0
Progressive Direct Insurance$1,665.000
CSAA General Insurance$1,542.000
United Services Auto Association$731.000
Bear River$1,103.000.001
Mid-Century Insurance$1,121.000.003
State Farm Fire & Casualty$1,783.000.004
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance$1,529.000.004
GEICO Casualty Insurance$1,036.000.004
USAA Casualty Insurance$847.000.004
Liberty Mutual Fire InsuranceN/A0.005
GEICO General InsuranceN/A0.006
Progressive Classic Insurance$1,763.000.006
Farm Bureau Property & Casualty$1,488.000.006
Allstate Fire & Casualty Insurance$1,067.000.006
Metro Group Property & Casualty$1,599.000.011
American Family Mutual Insurance$2,054.000.012
Auto Owners Insurance$1,234.000.023

Our Recommendation

We want you to use this data we’ve calculated to come up with a decision that’s right for you. You should choose a car insurance company that’s strong across the board—no matter which one you choose.

Bear River, for example, came in second for cheapest pricing, sixth for market share, and sixth for customer service. GEICO and USAA also had great rankings across categories.

If you still need help, there are dedicated agents who can help. Call them now to get a custom quote or help with auto insurance questions.

Where We Found The Facts

All of the numbers you see here were calculated by taking very specific data. If you don’t match up 100% with the information we used, you might get a different car insurance premium. The numbers are merely here to show you what people like you could pay for car insurance in Utah.

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