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Looking for car insurance information made specially for you? You’ve come to the right place. We have everything from average car insurance premiums to customer satisfaction ratings. If you root for the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Eagles or Phillies and are proud of the “sticky buns” your state is known for, this auto insurance page is for you.

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What Are The Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania?

If you’re looking for a cheap car insurance provider in Pennsylvania, we’ve run the numbers to help. Based on eight driver profiles of people who have a 2013 Honda Civic LX (4-door), good credit, 50/100/110 coverage, and no accidents and data from 10 cities, we found average annual car insurance premiums for the following companies.

Pennsylvania's Cheapest CompaniesAverage Annual Rate
Farmers $1,181.93
Nationwide $1,334.45
Allied $1,593.40
Allstate $1,644.21
GEICO $1,865.90
Progressive $1,977.00
Liberty Mutual $3,743.15
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How Much Do Drivers Like You Spend on Auto Insurance?

In order to give you more accurate rates, we looked deeper into specific customer profiles. Whether you’re a teen driver or married couple, check out the premiums we’ve compiled below to see a more accurate picture of what you could pay for car insurance in Pennsylvania. Of course, things like not having a clean driving record or adding on extra coverages can substantially change these rates. These are based on sample quotes within certain parameters.

Cheapest For Teen Drivers

Based on 18-year old men and women, we were able to calculate auto insurance premiums and find the cheapest companies in Pennsylvania. Take a look below if you’re looking for a cheaper policy.

 Average Annual Premiums
Liberty Mutual$4,991.75
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*We weren’t able to calculate rates for teens from Farmers of Travelers because they don’t provide that information.

How Do Premiums Vary for Teenage Boys and Girls?

Teenage boys will pay about 15% more for car insurance than their female peers. That’s because statistically speaking, male teens get into more accidents. Some states charge male drivers more out of the gate. Even in states where they’re not allowed to use gender, boys generally pay more. If you’re curious about the differences in premiums between male and female teenage drivers and are looking for some of the cheapest options, take a look at the following chart.

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Cheapest For Young Adults

When you turn 25, your rates drop about 60% from the time you were 18 assuming you avoid accidents or tickets. According to our data, Erie is the cheapest for young drivers and Liberty Mutual is the most expensive in Pennsylvania.

 Average Annual Rate
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Cheapest For Married Couples

After looking at premiums for married couples who are 40 and 60, we found the following annual averages from cheapest to most expensive for your demographic.

 Average Annual Premiums
Liberty Mutual$3,188.22
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How Does Your City Affect Average Cost in Pennsylvania?

Rural Lancaster and busy Philadelphia have little in common. Car insurance rates are no different. Between the two cities, you’ll see almost $1,000 change in auto coverage. Take a look at the chart below to see average rates by city in Pennsylvania so you can get an idea of what your neighbors are paying.

Cheapest CitiesAverage Annual Rate
Merion Station$1,930.61
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Who Are The Most Popular Pennsylvania Car Insurance Providers?

Market share is the percentage of customers a company has compared to competitors. In Pennsylvania, our research shows that State Farm has the highest market share nearly 20%. That means it has 20% of all insured drivers in the state on its policies.

The great thing about market share is that it can tell you where the most customers are buying policies. It’s bandwagon mentality, but usually if the majority of customers are choosing a certain provider, it’s probably for good reason.

It’s one thing to have the lowest prices. Unfortunately, the lowest price sometimes means giving up coverages. As long as you have the minimum coverage, you can legally drive, but good collision coverage and comprehensive coverage could save you thousands of dollars.

Many factors go into which company consumers choose. Price is just one aspect. Customer service, claims handling, and much more can drive consumers towards one company over others.

Take that into account while you look over our data below.

 Market Share Percent
State Farm19.72
Liberty Mutual5.84
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Where Is Customer Satisfaction Highest with Auto Insurance Policies?

A “complaint index” tells you how many customers complain about a company compared to its market share. Lower numbers signify less complaints and higher numbers indicate that more customers are complaining. Based on our analysis, Liberty Mutual has the lowest and best complaint index in Pennsylvania. GEICO has the highest, but anything under 1.0 is usually still pretty good.

If you care about customer service, use this table to see how auto insurance companies in Pennsylvania are doing with customer satisfaction.

 # of ComplaintsPremiumsComplaint Ratio
Liberty Mutual34$222,301,0660.15
State Farm4311,368,350,4380.31
Erie Insurance3661,064,679,6360.34
Penn National Insurance Company4889,742,8010.53
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Where Can You Find The Best Average Premiums and Service in Pennsylvania?

We hope you’ll use all of our carefully calculated data and research to make the best car insurance decision for yourself. One last piece of advice we’ll give you is that you should ultimately choose a company that is great across multiple categories, and get something that makes sense for you. Different people need insurance products with a different combination of benefits.

Erie, for example, is an all-around good car insurance company in Pennsylvania. It is the second cheapest, the second most popular (based on market share), and comes in fifth for customer service. Nationwide is another that ranked in the top ten for all three categories.

If you still need some help choosing auto insurance coverage, an entire team of agents are ready to take your call. Contact us now for assistance shopping for quotes and finding answers to your auto insurance questions. We can help you find the right coverage limits and much more.

Where We Found The Facts

Everything here is based on in-depth research and analysis. The rates may not be accurate for you though. Since we calculated premiums averages by using the driver profile of someone who has a 2013 Honda Civic LX (4-door), good credit, 50/100/110 coverage, and no accidents, your rates will be different unless you match this description 100%.

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