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Reviewed By Micah Pratt
on January 30, 2016

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Don’t let the complexities of the 7th largest auto insurance company in the United States overwhelm you. We’ve inspected the ins and outs of Liberty Mutual’s car insurance coverage to see what makes it the almost $10 billion company it is today. Liberty Mutual continues to take up a large part of the market share for home, auto, business, and many other insurance products.

They continue to offer different discounts and opportunities. They also have a vast network of agents and adjusters across the country. So no matter where you are, they can take care of your claims.

What Do You Want to Know More About?

What Do Customers Love about Liberty Mutual?

  1. Better Car Replacement Coverage: An added option you can include in your policy to help protect you from unforeseen accidents. Unlike New Car Replacement, which is a standard Liberty Mutual feature, Better Car Replacement coverage will not only replace your vehicle, but will reimburse you money for a car that is a year newer than your totaled car.
  2. Liberty Mutual has a history of being teen-friendly. For the past 25 years, Liberty Mutual has partnered with Students Against Destructive Decisions to promote responsible driving habits. The partnership has resulted in Liberty Mutual providing extensive online driving courses, a teen driving contract, and numerous car insurance discounts specifically designed for teens.
  3. Coverage Calculator: This easy-to-use tool takes the guess-work out of how much coverage you need by helping you determine how much auto insurance to buy. While a coverage calculator is not uncommon for insurance companies to provide, Liberty Mutual is more user-friendly and all-encompassing in its effort to provide users with useful data.
  4. Accident Forgiveness: Your first accident won’t cause a spike in your premiums with Liberty Mutual. It’s always nice to know you have one freebie.
  5. Manage Your Policy on The Go: With Liberty Mutual available on your phone and computer, you can manage your policy on the go. Even when you’re away from home, you can check in, get ID cards, and more in seconds.
  6. Leading in Innovations: Liberty Mutual is among the first insurers to use telematics to offer further discounts. You can use a plug in device or an app for 90 days. It offers feedback to help you develop better driving habits. Then it gives you a grade at the end of the  90 day period which determines what your discount will be. Consumers can save money based on how they drive now, not one accident they were in a year ago.

Are There Downsides to Insurance with Liberty Mutual?

Liberty Mutual’s prices aren’t always the lowest. They’re typically in the middle of the pack. Of course, they also provide more extensive coverage and a wider network of agents for better service. Many still consider their Liberty Mutual quotes very affordable.

Where You Can Get Liberty Mutual Coverage

Everywhere in the country, you have the option of choosing Liberty Mutual as your auto insurance provider. Rates will vary by state, so it’s imperative for you to see how it compares to other insurance companies near you.

Auto Insurance

What Does Pricing Look Like with The Largest Insurers?

We analyzed quotes from every state to give you an idea of how Liberty Mutual insurance quotes compare to other top insurance companies. Our research shows that on average, Liberty Mutual is roughly 60% more expensive when looking at the five profiles combined. In order to get a more accurate picture, it’s recommended to review Liberty Mutual’s average cost in your state.

LIBERTY MUTUAL$2,997.87$3,453.46$1,531.96$1,947.15$1,641.89$1,662.90
AMERICAN FAMILY$2,335.85$2,678.43$680.11$782.67$637.35$844.93

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How Much Drivers Like You Pay For Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance

Our research found that on average, drivers who choose Liberty Mutual will pay roughly $2,194.59 a year. These rates will vary by state, age, sex, marital status, and more, but can serve as a starting point when shopping for car insurance. When only looking at gender alone, female drivers typically pay almost $400 less.

Average Annual Rates
Female Drivers$2,037.50
Male Drivers$2,406.57
Teen Drivers$2,530.88
Drivers in Their 20's$2,337.19
Drivers in Their 30's$1,745.17
Drivers Over 50$1,373.40

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* These are real numbers from 2014 and 2015, but are subject to change in the coming months or years. They are only here to show you how companies stack up against each other.

Liberty Mutual Discounts

Saving money is one of the sweeter things in life. Here are discounts offered by Liberty Mutual to help you save on your auto policy:

  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Group Savings Discount
  • Pay-In-Full Discount
  • E-Pay Discount
  • New User Discount
  • Safety Features Discount
  • Green Vehicle Discount
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Teen Driver Discount
  • Good Grades Discount
  • Newlywed Discount
  • Moving Discount
  • Retiree Discount

Where People Have The Most Liberty Mutual Insurance

Customers usually flock to a certain company for a reason. It could be great pricing or fantastic customer service. Liberty Mutual ranks in the top 10 auto insurance companies for drivers in 47 states. The states that make up its largest market share segments are Massachusetts and New Hampshire, but it sells the most in California and New York. Here is how it ranks, the number of policies it writes, and the percentage of drivers it insures in each state it ranks in the top 10 for:

State RankNew Policies WrittenMarket Share
New Hamshire488,21512.01%
New York5741,8886.46%
Rhode Island660,6617.99%
New Jersey7527,2217.58%
New Mexico759,6385.11%
South Carolina7136,5104.52%
West Virginia751,9884.43%
North Carolina9168,5053.44%

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Liberty Mutual Ranking and Reviews

Insurance companies strive for 100% satisfaction from customers, and most policyholders want to be 100% happy with their insurance provider. Luckily, there are ratings analysts who provide industry insight into consumer happiness. Below are the latest ratings Liberty Mutual has earned from JD Power:

Claims Satisfaction








Insurance Shopping Results







What Real People Are Saying

“With Liberty Mutual, the first accident is excused as if it didn’t happen. The rates are reasonable.” –Nicole

“They are cheap!” –Christian

Features We Love

Our research turned up additional features provided by Liberty Mutual that deserve recognition, including:

  • The Torch Blog covers every topic under the sun when it comes to auto insurance and more. Not only is it an educational tool, but its ease of use makes it attractive to a variety of users.
  • Deductible Fund. This add-on gives you $100 toward your deductible when you sign up and it decreases over time if you don’t get into accidents. If you find yourself in a jam, you hopefully won’t have to pay too much out-of-pocket if you have to file a claim.
  • Teacher’s Coverage. At no additional cost, Liberty Mutual provides unique car insurance coverage for teachers. This includes vandalism loss protection while your car is on school property, collision coverage when you’re driving for school business, and personal property coverage for any teaching related materials that are lost or stolen.

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What We Would Do

It doesn’t matter what we would do, we’re not you. We’re only here to help you connect the dots to find an insurance company that best fits your needs. Here’s what the facts are telling us about Liberty Mutual auto insurance based on its offerings:

Liberty Mutual car insurance is best for established drivers and families with teen drivers.

Our research shows that Liberty Mutual auto insurance falls on the more expensive side for every driver profile we reviewed. These facts point to the assumption that its auto insurance is designed for a more affluent driver profile who doesn’t mind paying for higher quality. Additionally, with its teenSMART driving program, discounts and more, Liberty Mutual is as great for families introducing a teen driver to their policy as it is for a driver with a more expendable income.

About Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance

Liberty Mutual has been in business for over 100 years. That’s a long time to get auto policies right. Since then, they’ve become a trusted auto insurance provider to young and old drivers alike.

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