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Wondering about auto insurance in North Carolina? If you cheer for some of the best college teams in the country and have a southern drawl, check out all of the information about car insurance we’ve put together just for you.

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North Carolina’s Cheapest Companies

We wanted to find average rates for North Carolina drivers so we looked at nine auto insurance companies, 10 cities, and eight driver profiles of people who drive a 2013 Honda Civic LX (4-door), have good credit, 50/100/100 coverage, and no accidents on record. Our data revealed that Liberty Mutual is the cheapest option. Take a look to see where other insurance companies fall.

North Carolina's Cheapest CompaniesAverage Annual Rates
Liberty Mutual$900.03
North Carolina Farm Bureau$1,198.80
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How Much Drivers Like You Spend On Auto Insurance

Premiums are based on millions of data points. In order to find more accurate quotes, we went ahead and ran the numbers for specific driver groups. Check it out.

Cheapest For Young Drivers

We based these premiums on calculations using driver profiles of women and men who are 18 and 25. An interesting find is that even though GEICO is more expensive for average drivers, it’s 60% cheaper for drivers who are 25-years old. Take a look.

 18 Female18 Male25 Female25 Male
Liberty Mutual$1,550.00$1,539.75$675.50$680.57
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How Age Affects Premiums

Age and gender affect your car insurance premiums. Based on our research, women pay about 3% less on average. In fact, women’s rates drop about 200% between 18 and 25 while men’s drop 150% between the same ages. For all age groups, we found that Liberty Mutual, Erie, and Allied are all the cheapest options.

Cheapest For Married Couples

To come up with these averages, we used information from married men and women who were 40 and 60-years old. We not only found the cheapest carriers for this age group, but that married couples in the age bracket pay about 45% less than single drivers.

Cheapest Companies for Married CouplesAverage Annual Rates
Liberty Mutual$688.87
North Carolina Farm Bureau$769.27
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Specific City Rates

You’ll most likely pay a different rate than your neighbor because of personal driving information. Your address will be factored into that too. From Concord to Fayetteville, there’s about a $300 difference in car insurance rates. Take a look at our research to see the average auto insurance premiums for your city.

Cheapest Cities for Auto InsuranceAverage Annual Rates
Chapel Hill$1,121.39
High Point$1,181.67
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Most Popular North Carolina Car Insurance Companies

Market share can reveal more about a provider than other data because it shows the percentage of customers a company has compared to its competitors.

From our data analysis, we found that Nationwide is the most “popular” auto insurance company in North Carolina because is has nearly 17% of all insured drivers on its policies. It’s not the cheapest option though. It’s actually the fifth cheapest according to our averages. This is why market share is important: because it shows you popular insurance companies and gives you insight into why people are going to them. Since Nationwide isn’t the cheapest, it might have better coverage or customer service that’s causing customers to choose its service. Think about it while you look at the chart below.

 Market Share Percent
State Farm14.37
North Carolina Farm Bureau9.5
Liberty Mutual3.44
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Customer Satisfaction Ratings

A “complaint index” records the percentage of people who complain about a company in comparison to its market share. Low numbers indicate low levels of complaints which means a company is doing well with customer satisfaction. Higher numbers mean a company has a handful of unhappy customers.

Allianz through Farm Bureau of NC are examples of stellar companies when it comes to keeping customers happy. American Independent has one of the state’s worst averages. Take a look at the complaint index below so you can find out which companies have the happiest customers—overall.

 Number of ComplaintsPremiums WrittenComplaint Ratio by 1,000,000 premiums
Electric Ins01,307,7180.00
Farm Bureau of NC01,027,6180.00
Cincinnati Ins. Co616,376,6990.37
Amica Mutual820,602,1890.39
Auto Owners Grp716,785,5350.42
Old Republic Grp921,500,8660.42
Erie Ins3986,441,7140.45
Standard Fire1430,297,9460.46
Main Street America24,271,9550.47
North Carolina Farm Bureau132269,961,8830.49
Utica National23,617,7750.55
Kemper Corp Grp2238,699,1150.57
State Auto Mutual610,232,0220.59
Central Mutual Insurance1015,982,1940.63
State Farm236374,130,7570.63
Donegal Grp11,489,8080.67
QBE Ins22,839,8230.70
Horace Mann1215,719,9940.76
Southern General Ins56,091,4680.82
21st Century87,593,5161.05
Auto-Owners Ins Co1614,339,6621.12
Liberty Mutual12492,279,4641.34
Carolina Motor Club2820,159,7841.39
Titan Ins159,912,2181.51
The Hartford4627,939,5451.65
Discovery Ins3017,439,8121.72
Markel Grp21,073,8151.86
Greenville Casualty Ins114,199,9392.62
State National3010,874,0982.76
American Independent Ins121,401,7368.56
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Our Recommendation

All of this information is here to help you make a decision on car insurance. The choice is up to you. When you’re weighing the pros and cons, just make sure to go with an auto insurance provider that is pretty good across the board.

Our research found that Erie is a good example of that because it ranked in the top five for popularity and customer service. Nationwide and NC Farm Bureau rank in the top five for low premiums and popularity, but lower than the top 10 for customer service.

If you still have questions, let knowledgeable agents help you. They’re just a phone call away.

Where We Found The Facts

Everything here is based on facts and a lot of research and analysis. The premiums averages are thing we’ve calculated that might not work for you though. Since we used a specific set of data based on someone who drives a 2013 Honda Civic LX (4-door) with good credit, 50/100/100 coverage, and no accidents to come to those averages, if you don’t match that profile exactly, you’ll get a different premium. We just wanted to show you averages so you can have a better idea of what to expect to pay for car insurance in North Carolina.

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