Searching for car insurance information in Connecticut? We have it all here—from cheapest rates by company to what cities pay the most for auto coverage. If you love those Huskies and fabulous falls, this is the car insurance guide you’ve been hunting for.

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Connecticut’s Cheapest Companies

We ran the numbers for 10 cities, and eight driver profiles of people who have a 2013 Honda Civic LX (4-door), good credit, and no accidents on record. After calculating average premiums, we found that depending on which insurance company you select, you’ll spend about 225% when comparing the cheapest to the most expensive provider. According to our research, Safeco comes in as the most affordable. At less than $71 a day, it’s about 24% more affordable than the second cheapest–Atlas Insurance.  See the full list of cheapest to most expensive options for average drivers below so you don’t overpay without realizing it.

Cheapest Insurance in Connecticut 
Amica Mutual$1,493.97
Liberty Mutual$1,608.68

How Much Drivers Like You Spend On Auto Insurance

If you’re not an “average driver,” you might find this section useful. That’s because we also calculated premiums for specific driver types so you can get a better idea of what you might pay for auto coverage. Remember, your rates will probably be a tad different based on what car you drive and your driving history, but this will give you a pretty good idea of what you’ll pay in Connecticut for the state’s minimum amount of car insurance.

Cheapest by Sex

We looked at male driver profiles for single guys who were 18 and 25 and married dudes who were 40 and 60. We found that men pay about 8.5% more for auto insurance than women.  After looking at profiles of single women who were 18 and 25 and married women who were 40 and 60, we found the cheapest premiums on average per company by gender. Safeco is the most affordable for both men and women, but because women may be seen as a less risky profile to insure, average rates are about $75 cheaper for women.

Just to show you side-by-side how much car insurance rates vary from men to women, we made a little chart for you. Check it out:

Male Female 
Travelers$1,388.67Amica Mutual$1,367.74
Progressive$1,540.55Liberty Mutual$1,397.50
Amica Mutual$1,617.05Progressive$1,426.70
Liberty Mutual$1,819.85GEICO$1,643.90

Cheapest For Teen Drivers

After looking at driver profiles of men and women who are 18, these are the cheapest options in Connecticut:

Cheapest for Teens 
Liberty Mutual$1,973.40
Amica Mutual$2,380.21

Prices For Teen Boys Vs Teen Girls

Teen boys and girls won’t pay the same for car insurance. This chart is to show you how guys can pay anywhere from $150-$1,000 more for insurance compared to the ladies who have the exact same coverage.

Male v Female Teen

Cheapest For Young Drivers

We took rate averages for men and women who were 25 and found some great premiums. At age 25, your rates drop about 44% from when the time you were a teenager. From cheapest to most expensive, you’ll see a 400% jump!

Cheapest for Young Adults 
Amica Mutual$1,245.80
Liberty Mutual$1,851.00

Men In Their 20s Vs Women In Their 20s

We weren’t sure if the numbers above would be enough for you, so we did you the favor of putting rates side-by-side so you can see how much you’ll pay for car insurance as a man or woman in your 20s. Take a look.

Cheapest 3 for Women, aged 25 Cheapest for Men, aged 25 

Cheapest For Married Couples

That old ball and chain can actually help you save on car insurance! Married couples pay about 40% less than single drivers—at around $1,100 a year. While we based these rates on married men and women who were 40 and 60, it’s a good way to gauge your auto coverage rates in Connecticut if you’re married too.

Cheapest for Married Couples 
Amica Mutual$1,197.10
Liberty Mutual$1,305.15
Citizens $2,454.00

Cheapest For Drivers Over 60

Drivers over 60 will pay 10% less for car insurance than married drivers in their 40s. See where you may find the cheapest coverage below:

Cheapest for Drivers Over 60 

City Rates

Most drivers will pay a different rate for auto coverage. So will people who live in different Connecticut cities. While West Hartford and Hartford are neighbors, you’ll pay about $100 a year more for coverage in the west. The same goes for Bridgeport and New Haven. See for yourself below.

Cheapest Insurance by City 
New Haven$1,273.44
New Britain$1,515.66
West Hartford$1,925.19

Most Popular Connecticut Car Insurance Providers

When it comes to car insurance companies, popularity—or what us insurance folk like to call “market share”—is very important. It’ll show you how many customers in your state have policies with a certain carrier and can open your eyes to other stuff too.

For instance, GEICO has Connecticut’s highest market share. This means it has the most customers out of any other car insurance company. It’s not the cheapest option out there though. In fact, it’s actually the ninth least expensive and has competitors who offer rates almost half as much as its own. Why do the most customers have policies with GEICO then? This is the question to ask here and why looking at market share can help you.

Most PopularPercentagePremiums Written
Liberty Mutual11.89308,976
State Farm5.33138,385
The Hartford4.27110,926

What GEICO doesn’t have in price, it might make up for in customer service or coverage. The cheapest option isn’t always the best, and charts like the one below can shed light on that.

Customer Complaints

A “complaint index” records all of a company’s customer complaints compared to its market share. If a company has a low number on the complaint index, it means less people are ranting. If they have higher numbers, more customers are not happy campers.

Federated Mutual Group through Chubb are all spectacular with zeroes, and the least amount of complaints.  American Independent Insurance Group is the worst, but still not terrible compared to how high these numbers can get sometimes.

Federated Mut Grp01
Allianz Ins Grp01
Infininity Ins01
Munich Re Grp01
Electric Ins Grp01
New London County01
CNA Ins Grp01
American Natl Fncl Grp01
American Financial Grp01
Selective Ins01
Central Mut I C Oh01
Tokio Marine Holdings Inc Grp01
Wr Berkley Corp01
CHUBB Ins Grp01
Amica Mut Grp0.0216
Country Ins & Financial Service0.02117
Main Street Amer Grp0.03718
Kemper Corp Grp0.04119
State Farm0.04422
The Hanover Ins Grp0.04422
Utica Natl Ins Grp0.04824
American Intrnl Grp0.06228
Liberty Mut Grp0.06228
State Auto Mut Grp0.06330
Mapfre Ins Grp0.06731
Arbella Ins Grp0.07332
Metropolitan Grp0.08633
Qbe Ins Grp Ltd0.08633
Hartford Fire & Cas Grp0.09935
Amtrust Ngh Grp0.10236
Quincy Mut Grp0.10938
Zurich Ins Grp0.11439
Plymouth Rock Ins Grp0.13140
Farmers Ins Grp0.16241
Ameriprise Financial Grp0.16542
Sentry Ins Grp0.18243
Ace Ltd0.28244
American Independent Ins Grp0.77845

When you’re making your final decision about a car insurance company, make sure to look at how they treat their customers so you’ll have a better chance of being happy with a policy.

Our Recommendation

We want to give you all the information you need to know about Connecticut car insurance so you can make the best decision about a policy.

We do have one thing we always want to tell our readers: go with a company that has good scores or rankings across more than one category. If you’re looking for cheap, Safeco has great pricing across the board, but isn’t listed for market share or complaint index. GEICO on the other hand, ranks in the top ten for market share, price, and customer satisfaction, making it a reasonable choice.

Here’s one more suggestion: call an agent! They know all there is to know about CT car insurance and can help with questions or quotes. Give one a call at 855-462-2213 if you need some extra help making your car insurance decision today.

Where We Found The Facts

All the facts and figures you see here are as real as they come. You can check them out on the links below, or just take our word for it. The one thing that may not ring true for you are the premiums. We used real driver profiles, but customized every quoting process for a person with a 2013 Honda Civic LX (4-door), good credit, and no accidents. If that doesn’t match your life 100%, you’ll probably get a different quote. We just wanted to give you a ballpark idea of what you could pay for coverage in CT, USA so you’re not shooting in the dark here.

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