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Most Affordable Car Insurance in Mississippi

In 2014, there were a reported 1,977,679 licensed drivers in the state of Mississippi. We compared six companies and two driver profiles, to determine the overall cheapest annual auto insurance costs state-wide. The top three contenders, Nationwide, State Farm, and Progressive were all within one hundred dollars of each other. Even ranking at #6, Allstate is still only 35% more expensive than Nationwide, the cheapest option.

 Average Annual Rate
Nationwide $1,252.05
State Farm $1,331.13
Progressive $1,363.50
Mississippi Farm Bureau $1,417.24
GEICO $1,498.20
Allstate $1,695.04

How Much Drivers “Like You” Are Paying

Each driver is different in regards to age, gender, driving history, and location. As such, each rate will be different depending on these factors. Below we analyzed data from The Mississippi Department of Insurance to determine what certain demographics can expect from auto insurance providers in Mississippi. Because each driver will have a unique rate, these rates should be used as reference points.

Cheapest for Drivers Under 25
For our millennials out there, we evaluated the driver profiles of 25-year-old single male drivers with clean driving records, driving a 2 year old automobile. We found that State Farm is the cheapest insurance provider for drivers under 25 while being one of the most expensive options for older drivers. However the difference between the first two rankings is only $20, with Nationwide in the number two slot.

 Average Annual Rate
State Farm $1,003.72
Nationwide $1,027.40
Progressive $1,146.00
Allstate $1,392.80
GEICO $1,395.00

Cheapest for Married Couples
After analyzing the driver profiles of 30-year-old married couples, with clean driving records we determined the cheapest option to be Nationwide Insurance. This analysis is for the rate of two cars, each older than 2 years.

 Average Annual Rate
Nationwide $1,476.70
Progressive $1,581.00
GEICO $1,601.40
State Farm $1,658.54
Allstate $1,997.28

We compared the top 10 companies with the highest market share to determine popularity in Mississippi auto insurance providers. The market share is the percentage of customers a company has in comparison to their competitors. According to our research, State Farm insures almost 30% of all Mississippian drivers. The second most popular provider is Southern Farm Bureau, a small auto insurance provider that only sells in six states. Even though Nationwide is the overall cheapest, according to our research, five other companies rank above Nationwide in market share.

 Market PercentAverage Rate
State Farm26.11 $1,331.13
Southern Farm Bureau12.47N/A
Progressive9.65 $1,363.50
Allstate9.51 $1,695.04
GEICO5.75 $1,498.20
Nationwide5.71 $1,252.05
Liberty Mutual4.33N/A
Alfa Insurance3.44N/A
Shelter Insurance2.74N/A

Customer Satisfaction Indicator

We used a complaint ratio, the number of complaints per one million sales, to determine customer satisfaction. The lower the complaint ratio, the higher the customer satisfaction. With 0 being the best, the top six companies on the graph are tied. Once again, even though Nationwide is overall cheapest, they rank at #12 with a complaint ratio of 0.67.

 Market Percent
State Auto0
21st Century0
United Automobile0
Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance0.29
State Farm0.67
GuideOne Insurance1.08

Our Recommendation

As the consumer, you know what choice will be best for you. We’re here to provide you with the information to make that choice.

Overall, Allstate is the only auto insurance provider that ranks in the top 10 for all 3 categories, making it a safe bet regardless of what you value most in an insurance company.  If economics is your main concern, State Farm ranks as one of the cheapest options while also being the most popular choice for Mississippi drivers. State Farm’s customer service ranking however was lower than 5 other companies.  Safeco, Shelter, Safeway, State Auto, 21st and Untied Automobile are the heavy hitters for customer service. If you value that trait in your insurance provider, one of these 0.00 complaint ratio holders should be your choice.


Where We Found the Facts
We used the links below in our research to make sure we could bring you the most up-to-date information available. We hope that through this, you can have an estimate of what kind of quotes to expect from Mississippi auto insurance providers. We highly suggest consulting with 2-3 providers to ensure you are getting to best quote for your unique situation.

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