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Reviewed By Micah Pratt
on November 1, 2016

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As the second-largest auto insurance provider in the United States, there are a number of reasons why the Geico insurance agency is the company it is today. We’ve examined every aspect—including the pros and cons, average premium costs, quality of coverage options, and popularity—to give you insight into this more than $20 billion car insurance company so that you can make an informed decision. We discovered that Geico is best for military customers and federal employees, and this review will tell you why. Our expert review on Geico auto insurance and official Obrella star rating was created to help you make an informed decision when shopping for types of insurance.

What are the pros of Geico auto insurance?

  • An Award-winning Mobile App. The Geico app gives customers more than just digital insurance cards and quick response messaging. It also includes Geico Wallet, a platform that allows you to upload and store any information about your vehicle, and it has a gas station locator and accident assistance. Not only has it won first place for the Internet Advertising Competition’s Best Insurance Mobile Application two years running (2014 and 2015), it also has received rave reviews from users and five stars on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Competitive Federal and Military Worker Rates. Geico was established to support this sector, so you can count on lingering discounts for you if you’re working for the government.
  • Live Updates on Your Repair Process. When your car is in the shop check in to see its status and when you’ll be able to pick it up.

What are the cons of Geico auto insurance?

  • Low Ratings on Customer Service. According to JD Power surveys, customers rated Geico low on customer interaction.
  • Less-than-optimal Repair Process. Also based on JD Power customer reviews. Not that this contradicts the services we highlighted above, but customer reviews say a lot about a company.

Our Favorite Geico Insurance Agency Features

Additional features can help differentiate one company from another. We found these features helped the Geico insurance agency to stand apart from the crowd:

  • Coverage Calculator. This tool is more for education than for quotes, but it’s extremely helpful to use as a guide in finding the right types of coverage. While calculators aren’t unique to Geico, it’s easy to use and makes it simple for customers to understand.
  • 15-minute Quotes. This is Geico’s trademark helping to save you time when shopping for comprehensive coverage. Call and get an auto insurance quote in half the time it would take to watch your favorite sitcom.
  • 90-day Quote Storage. Geico will save your quote for 90 days, so you can shop around in the meantime and come back if you want to purchase its valuable coverage. This gives you ample opportunity to check out other insurance companies and not waste time re-entering information.
  • Online Inspection Scheduling. Easy online access to schedule your inspection if your car is damaged and you need an adjuster to take a look. This speeds up the claims process and alleviates unwanted stress.

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What do customers say about Geico?

The Geico insurance agency has mostly positive insurance reviews.

“Geico has been great! Its customer service is good, and they are one of the auto insurance companies out there with the cheapest rates. They also have a great app where I can adjust my auto insurance policy without talking to an agent. So far, no complaints.” —Jason

“What I love most about Geico is that without even trying, it gives me the overall feeling of protection in my life. I love that it almost feels like family through the other side of the phone.” —Corinne

“I love that Geico makes sure I get taken care of. If anything happens, I can call them from the side of the road, and they have a tow truck right out there.” —Margaret

“Geico has the best auto insurance rates, their website is user-friendly and feature-rich, and their customer service agent support is of the highest standard.” Kellen

What are the Geico insurance agency industry rankings?

You’re only as strong as your customer reviews and financial standing. We looked at JD Power scores and other financial reports to give you a comprehensive representation of how customers and the financial industry feel about Geico.

A.M. Best – This independent company analyzes the insurance industry based on financial strength. Geico received an A++ from A.M. Best—a grade only 5 percent of property and casualty companies earn.

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Standard & Poor’s –In measuring a company’s ability and willingness to meet its financial obligation in full, Standard & Poor’s credit ratings give consumers additional insight into a car insurance company’s economic strength. the Geico insurance agency got an AA+ from Standard and Poor’s considered exceptionally high. It also got the respected Security Circle designation, which means they had every inch of their company inspected by this agency and exceeded standards.

In a 2015 JD Power Auto Claims Satisfaction study, Geico scored








In a 2015 JD Power Auto Insurance Shopping study, Geico scored








About Geico

Geico was founded in 1936 and now insures more than 22 million vehicles with more than 13 million auto insurance policies. Geico—which stands for Government Employees Insurance Company—was originally founded to assist those in the U.S. military and government. Today, Geico serves people of all demographics but maintains a dedication to providing affordable policies to those in the military.

Where Geico is the Most Popular
Geico’s auto insurance coverage is available for drivers across the country—in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. See how its annual rates compare to other insurance companies in your state, by choosing your state below.

Auto Insurance

Most Popular States for Geico Car Insurance
Geico’s market share is the percentage of insured drivers with Geico insurance where it sells policies. This number tells you how many drivers in a given area have Geico auto insurance compared to all other providers. Geico ranked in the top 10 insurance companies for highest market share in all 50 states and D.C.—and number one in six states and D.C. These are the states where Geico has sold the most policies based on the percentage of customers in the total population.

RankMarket Share
New Jersey117.40%
New York129.60%
New Hamshire312.07%
New Mexico312.00%
Rhode Island311.71%
South Carolina310.35%
North Carolina48.97%
West Virginia48.04%

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Where Geico Sells the Most Policies
Geico sells millions of policies nationwide. Based on the number of policies sold, our research found that it’s the biggest seller in the following states:

New Policies in 2014
New York3,399,082
New Jersey1,210,737

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