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Edmunds’ Mark Takahashi Describes His “Once-in-a-Lifetime” Test Drive

mark takahashi 328 BMW

Mark Takahashi is a self-proclaimed “art director turned automotive journalist” who has been an Automotive Editor for since 2008. Mark has had the opportunity to drive some incredibly impressive cars – cars the average person only dreams about getting to drive!

I wanted to know if there was one drive that stood out above the rest. I assumed that it would be hard to choose between so many incredible cars, but Mark chose easily.

“In 2007, I had the rare opportunity to drive some cars that are part of the BMW Museum collection in Munich from Lake Como, Italy over the Alps into Switzerland. Among the cars was the last remaining (of three ever built) 1941 BMW 328 Berlin-to-Rome Roadster that was valued at the time at well over $1 million.”


There aren’t many people that get the opportunity to drive a car valued at well over $1 million dollars. If you think that it might be a little nerve wracking at first, you’re right.

“Naturally, I started driving it very conservatively, but as my co-driver and I reached the switchbacks the little race car began to show its pedigree. In no time, I felt confident storming up the mountainside, sliding the rear end around the tight bends and flooring the pedal. The BMW cameraman in front of us was standing out of the sunroof shooting back at us as he was tossed violently from left to right, but he kept giving me an enthusiastic thumbs-up every time I’d pitch the car sideways.

I hope to someday have another experience like this, but I fear it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance.”

Even though Mark’s European drive sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, reading his adrenalin-filled description makes it one step closer to reality for each of us.

What’s the rarest car you’ve ever driven? Share your experience in the comments below.

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