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We’ve researched the ins and outs of renters insurance in Wyoming–including the costs, discounts available, and coverage options.  If your a renter in the Cowboy state, this guide was designed for you.

Cost of Wyoming Renters Insurance

In Wyoming, you’ll pay an average of about $156 annually for renters insurance–17% below the national average. When you think about what it could cost to replace everything you own—furniture, jewelry, electronics, and more—the annual cost of rental insurance pales in comparison. In fact, it would take you only 22 hours working for minimum wage to pay your renters insurance premium for a year. Don’t leave your safety up to chance. Renters insurance offers a lot of protection for a relatively affordable price.

Wyoming Rental Insurance Coverage

No one wants to come home to discover that their possessions have been stolen. Sadly, this scenario is a reality for many residents. In 2012 alone, there were 2,125 burglaries reported in Wyoming. Without renters insurance, the task of replacing stolen property would be arduous and expensive. With renters insurance, you can replace your valuables often for the full retail value.

Renters insurance can also protect your belongings from damage caused by fire, plumbing leaks, or other weather-related incidents.

Lastly, if a guest is injured on your property, renters coverage helps cover medical liability costs.  Considering the cost of everything that could happen, it doesn’t make sense to go without rental insurance coverage.

Discounts to Help You Save More

Insurance companies figure your annual rate based on the amount of perceived risk they associate with you.   Your risk level is determined by factors such as where you live, what you own, and more.  To help you save, see if you qualify for these popular discounts:

  • Multi-Policy
  • Clean Claims History
  • Safety Devices Installed at Home

Wyoming Renters Insurance Facts

Renters make up 30% of the residents in Wyoming, and pay an average of $779 for a two-bedroom rental.  Compare that to the state’s $156 average annual price of renters insurance, and you will see how affordable it is.

Talking to an insurance expert is your next step.  They can help you compare quotes from multiple companies to find the best price for you.  Call [mapi-phone /] to get started.

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