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You’ve signed your lease, you’ve unpacked your belongs, but have you purchased renters insurance yet?  We’ve done the research on coverage options, cost, discounts and more for West Virginia.  If you are contemplating renters insurance in the Mountain state–this guide is for you.

How Much It Costs

Renters in West Virginia spend roughly $176 per year for renters insurance. According to our research, that is 6% below the national average. With such great rates, it’s easy to see the benefits of being protected, especially when you consider the cost of any potential repair or replacement for damaged or stolen items. For example, if your new iPhone was stolen, it would cost more to replace only that, than it would cost for a year’s worth of protection.

Even if you make minimum wage, it would only take 22 paid hours to cover the cost of renters insurance for an entire year.  Don’t end up a victim of theft or other damage without the affordable protection of renters insurance.

What It Covers

In West Virginia, there were 11,291 burglaries in 2012. If you come home to find your valuables missing, you don’t want to be stuck with the bill to replace them. If you have a renters insurance policy, it can help recover your items through financial support.

Coverage doesn’t end with theft, either. You’ll also be protected by your renters insurance policy if you suffer damage from fire, wind, or other covered disasters. In light of all the potential hazards, it’s comforting to know you can count on renters insurance to help get you back on your feet.

How to Save Even More

You could potentially pay even less if you qualify for the following discounts:

  • Multi-Policy:  Bundling your renters insurance with your auto insurance can help decrease your rates.
  • Safety-Devices:  Do you have a smoke detector, an anti-theft system or home monitor system?  You may be eligible.
  • No Claims: If your claim history is clean, you can save.

Renting Statistics

In West Virginia, 27% of residents rent their homes. The average cost for a two-bedroom rental is around $687 per month, but you could benefit from a whole year of renters insurance for just $176. Weigh the benefits of renters insurance against the small annual premium, to see if it makes sense for you.

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