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5 Best Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance Premiums

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average American spends $912 per year on auto insurance. If you live in more expensive areas, such as Washington DC, or San Francisco, you can look forward to paying even more than $912 a year.

If you’ve been paying the same car insurance rate for years and/or you just want to save some money on your auto insurance policy, these tips can help you keep the cost of car insurance as low as possible.

1. Think about the renewal quote.

When renewal time comes up, don’t automatically accept the quote. Even if you haven’t had any claims in the last year, you may be able to get a lower price than what you are being quoted. Most large insurance companies are offering big discounts to new customers in an effort to attract more people to the company. Sometimes, those discounts for new customers are as much as half of the price you are being quoted with your current company.

Get a quote from an insurance company as a new customer so you can be informed when you look to renew with your current insurance company. Tell them what you have been quoted elsewhere, and ask if they can match the quote. If your current company can’t match the quote, inform them you will be canceling your policy to get a more affordable premium.

2. Make sure your job isn’t hurting you.

Your occupation can affect your insurance premiums. People that work in an industry that requires them to drive their personal car on a consistent basis run a higher risk of being in an accident. If you alter your job title slightly, you may increase your odds of saving money on insurance premiums. For example, if you’re a journalist, listing your occupation as editor could help you save some money. Just make sure you still accurately represent what you do to make a living.

3. Up your deductible.

Increasing the amount you pay in case of an accident is a great way to save some cash. If you are in a car accident, you’ll have to pay more out-of-pocket, but if you have a clean driving record and are a safe driver, it may be worth the risk to have a higher deductible. If you’re still worried about the cost of an accident, you can always take the money you are saving on your yearly premium and save it for an auto emergency.

4. Start carpooling.

By reducing the number of miles you drive each week, you could save on your insurance, as some rates are determined by the number of miles you drive each year. If you carpool with four other people, you only have to make the drive to work once a week. This could cut the number of miles your drive in a week by 75 percent.

5. Bundle policies.

If you have your car insurance through one company and your homeowners insurance through a different provider, you are probably paying too much for both premiums. Bundle your policies with a single company and you can save money though stack discounts.


If you’re worried you may be paying too much for car insurance, give us a call today. Our experienced insurance agents will help you find a policy that provides the coverage you need, without paying too much. Give us a call today and be on your way to saving money on your car insurance policy.

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