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10 Moving Tips For Renters and Buyers

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Moving isn’t something we all love, but it’s something we must do. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, here’s what you need to keep in mind when preparing, packing, and making your move.

#1: Make a checklist.

Moving requires a lot of planning ahead. What do you need to pack? How long will your movers take to deliver your stuff? Do you have all of the supplies you need? By making a plan and a checklist, the process will be a lot less overwhelming and you’ll be able to avoid forgetting anything. HGTV has a moving checklist that starts 60 days before your move and is very helpful if you need an idea of where to start.

#2: Throw things away.

Taking things with you that you don’t need isn’t just going to waste space, but money too. Make your move an opportunity to purge unwanted belongings and donate things others can find more useful than you do. Since the average move costs $1,170 in-state and $5,630 out-of-state, you can help cut down on this by only taking what you need.

#3: Pack least used items first.

You’ve probably experienced this type of inconvenience when you packed too early for a vacation: You go to get a pair of shoes, toothbrush, or toiletries, but they’re already buried in your suitcase. If you pack things you need to use regularly last, then you will spare yourself from frequent annoyances during your moving process.

#4: Carry valuables with you.

Choosing a reputable moving company can prevent the chance of having something stolen during your move. So can carrying your valuables with you. If you have fine jewelry or other expensive items you’re worried about, don’t put them in the truck. You can also open a policy with an insurance company that covers your belongings while in transit.

#5: Label!

Throwing things into boxes willy-nilly may seem like an easy solution at the time, but it’s going to make unpacking a nightmare. If you neglect to label boxes “kitchen,” “dining,” “bedroom,” and so on, your movers will dump all of your stuff in one place and you’ll have to lug it around your home yourself. There is a State Farm app out there that you can download to catalog your belongings, create labels, keep track of boxes, and monitor your progress with a checklist to make all of this easier.

#6: Group accordingly.

Labeling is important and so is packing similar things together. Don’t throw remote controls and clothing in with the dishes. Go through your packing room, by room and group like objects together. Trust us, it will make unpacking much quicker and more organized.

#7: Pick a reliable moving company.

Do your research before you pick a moving company. All of your personal belongings will be in the hands of this company and your life will be on hold until your things are delivered. Check message boards and reviews to see how other customers liked working with a particular moving company. For example, FlatRate Moving has taken the industry by storm with an exceptional online reputation. Their reviews are filled with honesty and satisfaction, which comes from years of quality and customer-friendly service.

#8: Clean as you go.

As you pack up a room, clean it up too. That way, you won’t have an unmanageable amount of vacuuming, wiping, and sweeping to do when the movers get there. Granted, this is probably more important if you’re renting since cleanliness will help you get your security deposit back!

#9: Make sure you’re covered.

Whether you’re renting or buying, ensuring you have the coverage you need is paramount. Are you sure you’re getting the lowest premium and best coverage out there? Maybe it’s time to shop for homeowners insurance or renters insurance quotes again. 


#10: Tell the mailman.

Updating your address will prevent you from missing any mail. Go on the United States Post Office website and enable mail forwarding. That will give you six months to change your address for subscriptions, credit cards, and other accounts until the forwarding expires.

Follow these rules and you’ll be ready to settle into your new home in no time!


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