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When Do I Need to Insure My New Car?

You’re typically required to insure your new car prior to taking it off the lot. Most states and loan lenders require a car to have insurance coverage before they’ll allow you to take it on the road, register it, or to even place temporary tags on the vehicle.

Finding the Right Insurance

You should plan to spend as much time shopping for the right insurance policy as you did finding your new car to buy. Insurance policies vary in coverage and price and it’s important to take the time to find the one that works best for you.

Insurance on a new car is often different than the insurance you would need when purchasing a used vehicle. The make, model, and year of your car will all factor into the type of insurance you’ll need. Newer cars typically cost more to insure than older models. Similarly, sports cars will require more insurance than a minivan due to the higher cost of replacement parts and the odds of faster driving and more accidents that accompany sports cars.

When buying a new car, you need to take several factors into account when comparing insurance policies online. If you’re having trouble deciding on the best insurance for your car, let us help you understand what coverage you need.

How to Insure a Car Before Buying It

If you know the make and model of the car you’re going to buy, you can compare insurance policies online or individually contact different providers for quotes. We recommend establishing your insurance provider and plan before going in to buy the car.

If you’re replacing a car and have an existing insurance policy it may cover your new car for a brief period of time after purchasing it. Be sure to check your existing policy declarations page or contact your provider before assuming you’re covered.

The dealership will provide your new car’s information to the insurance agency you choose so you can drive it off the lot the same day.

Remember, the dealer’s insurance policy on their cars does not cover you. You must purchase your own insurance policy before you can drive the car off the lot. Even if you pay cash for the vehicle, you’ll likely be required to provide proof of insurance before the dealership will give you temporary plates.

If you are looking to sign a new insurance policy, let us help you find the perfect one. Our insurance agents are experts at helping clients sift through insurance policies to find the one that matches their needs and fits their budget.

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