What Is Dorm Insurance/College Insurance?

Though renters insurance is often referred to as dorm insurance or college insurance, renters insurance applies to all renters — including college students living in apartments or on-campus dorms. Renters insurance can provide peace of mind for students who are worried their belongings may be stolen out of their dorm or apartment.

What Dorm Insurance Covers.

Imagine coming home after a day of studying and lectures to find that your college apartment has been ransacked. Your laptop, television, and expensive textbooks are gone. You’ve lived away from home for just a few months and have no idea what to do. Questions run through your mind: How will you replace your things? What could you have done to prevent this? How will you get through the rest of the semester?

This is where dorm insurance can save the day. College is expensive, and if your home is broken into or suffers other damage resulting in property loss, renters insurance will replace your missing items — allowing you to move past the incident quickly.

Though renters insurance can be especially helpful if you attend a school with a high crime rate, theft isn’t the only risk your college housing faces. Floods, fires, and other events can also destroy your belongings, which is why renters insurance is a smart move for most college students — for a minimal amount per month it can provide enough to cover all of your property in the event of a disaster. Click to learn more about what renters insurance covers.

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