Does Home Insurance Cover Sewer Line Replacement?

Many home insurance policies do not cover sewer line replacement in the event your sewage system fails. You’ll need to consider other options when protecting your home against a sewer backup.

What causes sewer backup?

Home insurance is designed to protect homeowners against sudden and accidental damage, not gradual wear and tear. Sewer backups generally occur due to sewer pipes breaking down over a period of time, which is why most home insurance policies won’t cover it.

There are many factors that can contribute to a sewer backup. Many homes have pipes connected to aging municipal sewage systems which are at least 30-years-old. Over time the pipes wear down and can no longer support heavy amounts of sewage or water. Combined pipelines, which house both rainwater and sewage, cannot always handle the amount going in them.

If your property is lined with trees, the roots can also seep into cracks in your pipes, causing backups over time.

Your Options

Consider adding a sewer and drain endorsement to your home insurance policies. Some companies offer this for an affordable price and it can be used to cover expenses like replacing carpets and pipes after a backup.

If your sewer line backs up, be prepared to clean the mess immediately. Mop your floors with disinfectant, wet-vacuum the floodwater, and flush all of your plumbing fixtures. You’ll likely have to replace damaged floor tiles and walls, along with the ductwork.

Finding the right home insurance policy can get complicated. Let expert insurance agents make your search for home insurance quick and easy. Give one a call and we will ensure you have the best home insurance policy for your needs and your budget.

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