Does Home Insurance Cover Leaking Roof?

Preventing roof leaks and inspecting your roof usually fall under the responsibility of the homeowner, so it’s rare to find a home insurance policy that covers a leaking roof. However, there are exceptions.

What is Covered

Home insurance policies will typically cover damage done to your roof caused by unpreventable circumstances. These can include storm damage from hurricanes, vandalism, or a fire. Tornado damage is also covered by many homeowners’ insurance policies, but you’ll want to read yours to make sure you know what sort of disasters your specific policy includes.

Storm damage caused by wind, rainfall, or hail may be covered under your policy, but your provider will consider these on a case-by-case basis. Some factors they’ll take into consideration are the age of your roof and whether you performed proper maintenance that could’ve prevented the issue.

Water damage to the interior of your home may also be covered in the event of a leaking roof by your home insurance.

What’s Not Covered

Normal wear and tear is not covered by most home insurance policies. That’s because most insurance companies consider it the responsibility of the homeowner to perform basic repairs and inspect for wear and tear, and to make ample corrections or repairs to the roof. An older, worn out roof that wasn’t properly cared for will likely not be replaced by your home insurance. Mold due to water damage in or around your home may not be covered under your home insurance, but you can purchase supplemental insurance to have that repaired.

To prevent a leaky roof from causing water damage to your home, have your roof checked regularly by a trained professional who can tell you if it’s in need of repairs. Replace your broken or worn shingles on a regular basis and remove any trees around your property that may pose a risk of falling or causing damage to your roof.

If you’re frustrated with the way your insurance company handled a claim about your leaky roof, or if you’re worried you don’t have the coverage you need, give a helpful insurance agent a call. They are sitting by–ready to find you a policy that gives you all of the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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