Does Home Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

Homeowners insurance covers the property, contents, and structure of your home, but rarely covers the foundation. You’ll need to take added steps to protect your home against foundation damage and costly repairs.

Causes of Foundation Damage

Damage to the foundation of your home usually happens after the soil around it changes. This process typically occurs over the course of years, but can happen suddenly after an earthquake or flood.

During these events, the soil can either erode or expand. Soil erosion around your house causes the foundation to sink, while soil expansion can push your foundation up higher than it previously sat. Both of these situations can cause the structure of your foundation to change, which can result in cracks in the drywall, brick lining, windows, and doors of your home.

Cracks in a foundation weaken the integrity and structure of your home and can eventually lead to a collapse, so it’s important not to overlook this concern.

Your Insurance Options

Insuring the foundation of a home leaves insurance companies open to big risks and financial losses, so they tend to avoid it whenever possible. You do have other options available to you.

Many insurance providers will offer a “dwelling foundation” rider on your home insurance policy for an added cost. The rider may cover structural problems, like broken water pipes, but is unlikely to provide coverage for problems arising after events like floods and earthquakes.

You can purchase separate policies for flood insurance and earthquake insurance to help cover the cost of repairing your foundation. Ground cover collapse coverage is available in some locations, especially if your home is located in an area susceptible to sink holes.

It’s important to set aside money for potential problems to your foundation down the road and to do routine checks and maintenance as often as possible. Be sure to do repairs at the first sign of damage to your home’s foundation, otherwise it could turn into a larger problem (and larger expense).

Whether you are unhappy with your current home insurance policy or you need a policy with more comprehensive coverage, helpful agents are just a call away. They can help you find an insurance policy with the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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