Does Car Insurance Cover Wind Damage?

Living in certain regions means contending with windstorms, tornados, and the damage that high-speed winds can cause. Wind can make your car door fly open when you're getting out, resulting in a dent in the door. Flying debris can also crash into your car, which may cause dents or shatter windows. If wind damages your car, in many instances your car insurance company does not reimburse you for any repairs you need. Only a certain type of insurance covers wind damage.

Collision and Liability Coverage

When you have a collision or liability plan, your provider almost never takes care of wind damage. Collision and liability plans are necessary for repairs needed due to a car collision, for both drivers or just the other driver, respectively. These plans do not cover damage from natural causes, such as from a windstorm, tornado, or hailstorm. If you have collision or liability insurance, you pay a lower monthly rate. However, you don’t have your insurance company to lean on if something happens to your car that’s out of your control.

Only a certain type of insurance covers wind damage.

Comprehensive Coverage May Be the Answer

Of the three main options, only comprehensive coverage pays for repairs outside of car accidents or other collisions. It is the only plan that takes care of you after acts of nature damage your car, such as a windstorm. With comprehensive coverage, you pay more for better coverage if you need repairs due to an event outside your control. However, you may have to pay at least some of the repairs depending on how high your deductible is.

If your car has been damaged in a wind storm and you aren’t happy about the way your insurance company handled the incident, give us a call and we can help you find an auto insurance policy you are happy with today.

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