Does Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers?

Generally speaking, your car insurance stays with your car. That means the insurance you have on the vehicle covers it whether you, your relative, or a friend is driving it. It's important to note that drivers who are not on your policy and don't live with you must have your permission to use your car. In the insurance industry this is referred to as “permissive use."

Does car insurance cover family members?

Typically, when people who live under the same roof drive your car, they’ll be covered by your car insurance. However, in some states, all the drivers in your house are required to be named on your policy. In either case, if a relative who lives with you uses your car, they will probably be covered, as long as they have a valid driver’s license. If a relative who does not live with you borrows your car, they should also be covered under permissive use.

If your relative uses your vehicle on a regular basis for several weeks, your auto insurance company may require they be added to your policy. When in doubt, it’s best to ask your provider if other drivers are covered by your policy before you let them get behind the wheel.

…the insurance you have on the vehicle covers it whether you, your relative, or a friend is driving it.

Does car insurance cover friends?

Similar to family members who don’t live with you, permissive use typically covers friends. However, friends or other drivers who are not named on your policy may face lower liability limits. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has your permission and uses your car, they will be covered just like a friend is. But, if you move in together, you might have to add them as a driver on your policy.

If you aren’t happy with your insurance policy and the way it handles other drivers, give an agent a call today. They are standing by to help you compare the coverage offered by a variety of policies so you can find one that’s perfect for your situation.

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