Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

If you live in an area that frequently has hailstorms, you may notice the damage hail can inflict on cars. This includes windshield and window cracks, body damage, and dents. Seeing this kind of destruction to your car can cause you to wonder if your car insurance policy covers hail damage. It all depends on the type of policy you have.

What Does Basic Insurance Cover?

Basic car insurance plans usually only cover car accidents and fender benders, particularly those where you are at fault. Many of these plans do not cover hail or other types of damaging situations you cannot control, such as natural disasters or theft.

If you only have liability insurance, for example, this plan only covers damage to the other driver’s car in an accident that is your fault. Collision will also only cover damage from a car accident, though it covers both drivers.

…destruction to your car can cause you to wonder if your car insurance policy covers hail damage

Why Comprehensive Coverage Can Help

Comprehensive car insurance coverage pays for damage that is not the result of a car accident. This includes acts of nature, such as hail storms. One drawback of comprehensive insurance is that it is more expensive than liability or collision coverage because it covers more types of incidents.

If you live in an area that doesn’t experience hail or other natural disasters very often, then comprehensive coverage may not be essential for you. However, if you have an expensive car, comprehensive coverage may be worth the investment, as it costs more to replace or repair a damaged vehicle of high value.

When you call us for assistance, we will guide you through different plans that do and do not cover hail damage depending on your needs.

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