Does Car Insurance Cover Flat Tires?

Running over a sharp object on the road, whether you can see it or not, can cause a flat tire. If this happens to you, you're left with the hassle of either changing the tire or towing the vehicle to the nearest mechanic to have them replace it. In addition to the time spent, you also must spend money to get the tire fixed, and your insurance company does not reimburse you. Car insurance rarely, if ever, covers flat tires.

Basic Car Insurance

Basic car insurance covers damage to your car that involves car accidents or other unforeseeable events. If you run a red light and hit another car, your car insurance covers that. If debris cracks your windshield, your insurance company may cover that as well. While your insurance company does not pay to replace your flat tire, you may at least be able to qualify for assistance.

Roadside Assistance

One caveat to receiving assistance for a flat tire from your car insurance company is if you have roadside assistance as part of your coverage. Having this coverage may involve either an additional monthly fee or it could be included in your insurance plan.

While roadside assistance does not pay for your tire replacement, the insurance company does send a tow truck to bring your car to the nearest mechanic. This service comes at either no charge or a minor fee if the repair shop is farther than a certain distance, usually five or 10 miles, which can save you money. Roadside assistance may also help you change your tire, if you have a spare, so you can get back on the road quicker.

Running over a sharp object on the road, whether you can see it or not, can cause a flat tire.

When the Insurance Company Might Get Involved

Having a flat tire that results in an accident is likely the only situation in which your insurance company will get involved with any type of flat tire incident. This might occur if you run over something in the road that punctures your tire but then hit another car while trying to maintain control of your car.

If you’re unsure about what your car insurance premium covers while shopping around, let us help you figure out what protection you need.

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