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Does Car Insurance Cover Broken Windows?

A basic auto insurance policy includes a range of important coverage, from bodily injury liability to property damage liability. But a basic policy doesn't typically cover your car's broken, shattered or cracked window unless it was damaged as a result of an accident. If you're involved in an accident, your policy's collision coverage would likely reimburse you the cost of repairing your damaged car and its windows after you meet your deductable.

Whether it’s a sunroof, windshield, side window, or rear window, having a damaged window is a common car problem. Before you need to make any of these repairs, it’s a good idea to find out the answer to the question, “Does my car insurance cover broken windows?”

When one of the windows of your car is shattered, cracked or chipped as a result of something other than a collision, comprehensive coverage may pay for the window to be repaired or replaced. Once you’ve met your deductible, comprehensive coverage generally pays to repair or replace windows that are damaged as a result of fire, vandalism, a rock, or a falling tree limb. Keep in mind that the cost of repairing a chipped or cracked window may be less than your deductible. In that case, you’ll save money by paying for the repair yourself. On the other hand, the cost of fixing or replacing your car’s windows can get expensive. If the cost exceeds your deductible, filing a claim might be the right move.

It’s important to know that comprehensive coverage insurance is optional, so you might not have it. If you do, you’ll want to ask your insurance provider if it’s all-inclusive. Some policies only cover broken glass from you side and rear windows, but won’t pay to repair or replace your car’s windshield.

Whether it’s a sunroof, windshield, side window, or rear window, having a damaged window is a common car problem.

In an effort to keep their insurance premium as low as possible, a car owner may choose to go without comprehensive coverage. But as you can see, it can come in handy when you need to repair or replace a damaged window.

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