Does Car Insurance Cover Bent Rims?

Most drivers are only required to purchase basic insurance coverage. This type of liability coverage protects you from paying out of pocket for damage to another person's car or property damaged in an accident. Liability coverage does not cover damage incurred by your own vehicle.

Insurance That Does Cover Your Rims

To cover damage done to your car’s rims you’ll need to purchase either collision coverage or comprehensive coverage.

Collision coverage covers damage to your vehicle after colliding with another car or an object, such as a tree or telephone pole. It can also cover damage to your rims if you run over a pothole in the road. Comprehensive coverage covers damage incurred through any event other than a vehicular accident. Comprehensive covers things like weather damage, fire, theft and vandalism. Bent rims incurred during an attempted theft or through vandalism will likely be covered under comprehensive insurance.

… liability coverage protects you from paying out of pocket for damage to another person’s car or property damaged in an accident.

Exceptions to the Rule

Custom parts are rarely covered by your insurance. If you decide to place aftermarket rims on your car you are liable for any damage done to them regardless of the circumstances. If you are unsure of your insurance company’s policy on custom parts be sure to talk with them about what’s covered and what’s not.

Some insurance companies offer what’s known as custom parts and equipment coverage. CPE is an extra endorsement added to your policy that typically covers custom parts that are permanently installed in your vehicle. Coverage varies by insurance company and specific custom parts and equipment endorsements can contain any of the following:

  • Special equipment like roll bars, undercarriage lighting, bed liners, trailer hitches, running boards and customized rims.
  • Customized alloy or magnesium wheels
  • Suspension, spoilers and other performance-related equipment
  • Aftermarket anti-theft devices
  • Customized paint schemes.
  • Aftermarket electronics equipment like TVs, stereos and DVD players

Some states require insurance policies to include $1,000 of parts and equipment coverage as part of your collision or comprehensive coverage packages. You’ll need to check with your insurance provider for specifics, or speak with an Obrella agent to help you determine if you’ll need to purchase extra protection if you want coverage for your rims.


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