Do I Need to Insure My Jet Ski?

Yes, you need to insure your jet ski. Jet skis and other personal watercraft offer hours of entertainment and thrills, but they aren’t cheap. In fact, the average cost of a new jet ski is about $12,000. If your jet ski was damaged or stolen, could you afford to repair or replace it?

What does jet ski insurance cover?

Your homeowners or renters insurance may provide minimal liability coverage for your jet ski or other personal watercraft, but that’s not enough. Personal watercraft insurance can help you pay for repairs or replacement of your jet ski. This can also help cover:

  • Damage to another watercraft or other property such as a dock
  • Personal injury or death caused by your negligence
  • The negligence of someone else while they are operating your jet ski
  • Injuries sustained by people you are towing, such as water skiers
  • Injuries you sustain that are caused by the operator of an uninsured watercraft
  • Towing assistance should your jet ski stop working when it’s in the water

Ask your insurance agent about bundling your personal watercraft insurance with your home insurance or auto policy. Bundling may save you money on your premium, plus it’s more convenient to pay one bill instead of multiple.

What’s not covered by jet ski insurance?

When shopping for personal watercraft insurance, be sure to ask about exclusions. Exclusions are situations or items not covered by your policy. Common jet ski insurance exclusions include driving the jet ski without a valid driver’s license, operating it after dark, or modifying the jet ski to boost its maximum speed.

Personal watercraft insurance not only protects your jet ski, it can also go a long way toward protecting your financial assets should you or someone else be injured by your jet ski. Call an agents so he/she can make sure you have an insurance policy that gives you and your jet ski adequate coverage.

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