Do I Need to Insure My ATV?

An ATV operates in much the same way as a car and can cause an equal amount of damage. That’s why it’s important to have insurance on your off-road vehicle.

Why ATV Insurance is Important

If you’re like most ATV riders, you’re going to be taking that baby off-road. Unfortunately, off-road endeavors are susceptible to accidents due to a lack of restrictions and laws on how public lands can be used. There aren’t speed limits or lanes like on a road. This leaves you open to a variety of personal and property liabilities if you wreck and cause injury or damage to someone or something.

An ATV insurance policy can help protect you when home insurance can’t in the event that your ATV is stolen. Most home insurance policies may not even cover your ATV at all. Some states even require you to have at least the minimum amount of liability insurance available for your ATV.

When ATV Insurance Is Not Needed

There are a few instances when you needn’t worry about having ATV insurance. ATVs used entirely for farm work are often not required to have insurance covering them. The same is true for ATVs that will not be ridden.

Home insurance policies might also cover any incidents that occur on your property, like theft or accidents. In this instance you may not need ATV insurance but it’s important to check your home insurance policy thoroughly before assuming you’re covered.

Bundling With Auto Insurance

You can save time and money on your ATV insurance by bundling with your auto insurance policy. Bundled insurance policies make the process easier by combining all of your policies under one provider and can give you comprehensive coverage.

A typical auto insurance plan covers you in the event of personal injury or property damage and by bundling your ATV insurance with it you can get the same coverage while riding off-road.

If you’re going to start shopping for ATV insurance, give a licensed agent a call. They can help make sure the ATV insurance coverage you choose will cover all your needs and explain how bundled insurance policies might be the best option for you.

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