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Looking for GEICO car insurance quotes? We analyzed car insurance rate data from every state and broke it down by driver profile to give you answers to just how much GEICO costs. Then we scoured the web for reviews on how much the average GEICO car insurance quote cost, including online experts and hundreds of customers like you. You’ll also get the lowdown on every GEICO discount we could find. This information represents our honest opinion that we hope you’ll use to make your insurance decisions.

How Much GEICO Auto Insurance Costs

To give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for a GEICO auto insurance policy, we pulled annual car insurance rates from every state. According to our research, GEICO is the cheapest provider for drivers over 55 when comparing it to other popular brands. Here’s how GEICO’s auto insurance prices compare to other companies.

 18-Year Old Single Drivers25-Year Old Single Drivers55-Year Old Married Drivers
STATE FARM$2,684.94$1,291.57$1,155.00
LIBERTY MUTUAL$3,191.03$1,836.59$3,338.40

For GEICO to give a potential customer an accurate quote, the company looks at a number of factors including age, sex, and marital status. We analyzed GEICO rates from 41 states and broke them into several categories—with only one variable each. For example, the average rates for teen drivers uses data for drivers under age 20 but does not take into consideration the sex of the driver.

Our research shows that, on average, GEICO is least expensive for older drivers—with rates hovering around 12 percent less than for drivers in their 20s. We also found that women pay 7 percent less than men.

GEICO Auto Insurance Costs 
Driver ProfileAverage Annual Rate
Drivers in their 20's$1,342.09
Drivers 50 and over$1,182.31
Married Drivers$1,248.08

*These are real numbers from 2014 and 2015 data, but are subject to change. We provide them for you to illustrate how companies stack up against each other. Rates vary by state.

GEICO Discounts

Is saving on your car insurance premium important to you? GEICO offers a variety of both traditional and unique discounts. See if you qualify for any of the following:

  • Airbag Discount – Save on your medical payments or personal injury protection with GEICO’s airbag discount. You can save up to 25 percent for side airbags and up to 40 percent on full-front seat airbags. While not a unique discount, according to our research the percentage you can save is higher than the competition’s.
  • Anti-lock Brakes Discount – GEICO allows you to save up to 5 percent if you have a factory installed anti-lock braking system.
  • Anti-theft Discount – You can save up to 25 percent on your policy’s comprehensive insurance coverage if you have an anti-theft device installed on your car.
  • Daytime Running Lights Discount – Driving a car equipped with lights on the front of your vehicle that automatically turn on when the car is in forward motion can save you 1 percent on your overall insurance rate.
  • Clean History Discount – Almost all companies have some form of “accident-free” driving discount, but not many offer up to 26 percent off a driver’s total insurance premium. If you have been accident free for the past five years, you may be eligible.
  • Seatbelt Use Discount – We would never recommend driving without your seatbelt, and we applaud GEICO for being one of several companies that offer savings for safe driving habits. If you and all passengers in your car wear seatbelts, GEICO may discount you up to 15 percent off its medical payments or personal injury protection coverage.
  • Good Student Discount – Unlike some good student discounts we’ve come across, GEICO’s is applicable for both college and high school students. If you have a full-time student driver on your policy between ages 16 and 24 with B-average grades, you could save up to 15 percent.
  • Military Discount – Active duty military members are eligible for up to a 15 percent discount on their total car insurance premiums.
  • Emergency Military Deployment Discount – While military discounts aren’t uncommon, GEICO has gone above and beyond and offers an additional—and rare—discount for deployed military customers. If you’re a member of the Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom forces, you may be eligible for up to 25 percent off.
  • Federal Employee Discount – Are you a retired employee or currently working for a government service? GEICO is one of a few companies that offers a specific discount for you. See if you can save up to 8 percent on your policy.
  • Multi-car Discount – It makes sense that if you have multiple cars in your house, you should have them insured through the same company. For having two or more vehicles insured with GEICO you could save up to 25 percent.

How Happy Are GEICO Customers with the Cost of Car Insurance?

GEICO shares the number one spot with USAA in our analysis of consumer happiness with the price they pay for car insurance. Essentially, this means GEICO offers a good value for the product it sells.

Across the board, reviews showed positive marks for the GEICO’s prices. One reason is the wealth of discounts offered to customers. As we’ve shown above, GEICO gives discounts for safety devices, clean driving records, good students, federal employees, and more.

The main concern over the price of car insurance is, of course, the rates. GEICO shines on this stage, too. Our research showed that the company offers reasonably low prices—especially for drivers over 55. These low prices are represented in some of the reviews we found.

“I’ve had GEICO insurance since I can remember, and they’ve always provided the best rates in the industry. I’ve compared their rates against other providers multiple times and they’ve always been the lowest by some margin.” —willfevens (posted on Car Insurance Credio)

“Well, I haven’t had much claims with any auto insurance company, but the ones I’ve had with GEICO have been phenomenal. I’ve had full/comprehensive coverage for just over a year with them. I chose them because they were $50 cheaper/month than my previous insurance company (State Farm)—and they were at least $40 cheaper than all of the other estimates I looked into.” —Brandon (posted to Consumer Affairs)

Scroll back up to see the breakdown of GEICO’s rates by demographics and how these prices compare to other major companies.

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How to Get an Accurate Quote from GEICO

Many people think that car insurance quotes listed online are set—that what you see is what you’re going to get. To their surprise, customers often receive significantly different rates when they speak to an insurance agent compared to what they found on a quoting website. There’s a number of reasons this happens, primarily because to get an accurate quote, insurance companies take into account myriad factors to make their decision, some of which aren’t accounted for in online quote generators.

Fortunately, you can do a couple of things to save yourself time, money, and frustrations. Here’s what we recommend: be honest, shop around, and ask about discounts.

Being honest with car insurance companies ensures that all the variables they use to determine your rate—age, sex, driving history, vehicle information, and more—will be factored in. It won’t help you to hide any speeding violations or at-fault accidents from your record. Eventually, the company will learn of these factors and they may come back to haunt you with higher rates in the future.

Why should you shop around and ask for discounts when looking for car insurance? Because each car insurance company may be looking for different types of customers and may have different options for lowering your rates. Check out Obrella’s FAQ for even more ways to get cheaper car insurance.


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