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In many cases, if a fire in a neighboring apartment causes smoke damage, burglars loot your apartment, or someone gets hurt while visiting you, renters insurance will aid you in replacing belongings and covering medical and legal expenses. Our user-friendly guide breaks down the facts about Delaware renters insurance policies.

Average Renters Insurance Cost in Delaware

Renters insurance provides full coverage at a remarkable cost. In Delaware, the average price of an annual renters insurance policy is approximately $153. This low price means that if you work a minimum wage job, it would take only 19 hours to pay for the annual premium. That cost is also -18% less than the national average. If you were thinking about purchasing renters insurance but thought it would cost too much, think again.

Delaware Rental Insurance Coverage

A renters insurance policy can protect against weather-related damage from things such as fire and wind as well as theft. In Delaware in 2012 alone, there were 7,371 burglary cases.  If you think of all that is in your home—clothing, furniture, dishes, computers—and what it would cost to replace everything on your own, you’d realize the price tag would be in the thousands.

Renters insurance was created to help with that. Its coverage even extends to protect you from medical and legal bills if someone gets hurt on your property. You can’t stop the unexpected, but you can always plan for it.

Saving with Discounts

Things that can impact your renters insurance premium include: the area you live in, the things you own, claims history, and other policies from insurance companies you might currently have. Even though renters insurance is already very affordable, there are still some discounts you can qualify for, including:

Multi-Policy: Bundle auto or another insurance plan with renters insurance and save.

No Prior Claims: Save on your insurance bill if you have a clean claims record.

Safety Devices: Pay less if you install smoke detectors, anti-theft systems, or other safety devices.

Higher Deductibles: Lower your renters insurance premium by raising your deductible. Just know that the higher the deductible, the more you’ll have to spend out-of-pocket if you file a claim.

Facts About Delaware Renters

In Delaware, approximately 28% of residents are renters. These residents pay an average price of $1,096 per month for a two-bedroom rental, but only $153 a year for renters insurance.

If you consider the value of your possessions—and the value of the time and energy it would take to replace these items on your own—it is hard to argue against the benefits of getting a renters insurance policy.

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