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Cheapest Car Insurance in Tennessee

We did the research to help you navigate among popular car insurance companies in Tennessee. Here you’ll find the top 10 most popular companies, determined by their relative market share in the Volunteer state. Market share is the percentage of customers a company has compared to its competitors. In addition, we want you to know not only which companies are popular—but why.

When you’re shopping for car insurance, knowing who the most popular in your state can give you some valuable insight. Are the popular because of their price, their customer service, or maybe the discounts they offer? In Tennessee, State Farm has the the most policyholders—almost 25% of all insured drivers in the state! Based on our research of the cheapest Tennessee car insurance companies, insurance discounts offered in the state, and other factors, you can use this guide to help you choose the best car insurance for you.

State Farm
Market Share: 29%

State Farm wins of this popularity contest, covering nearly one in four Tennessee drivers. State Farm is number one nationwide, too—but why? It could be the loads of discounts it offers. Or maybe it’s the popular network of auto repair specialists offered to customers through the State Farm Select Service Program. Either way, State Farm is likely to remain a powerhouse in Tennessee for a long time to come.

21st Century
Percent of Drivers Who Choose State Farm: 29%

The first runner up is Tennessee Farmers Bureau Insurance, which covers about 17% of the state’s drivers. The company started selling to farmers in the state in 1948, and has grown into a highly competitive auto insurance player. By our research, Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee has the cheapest average yearly rates, at $1,444. It also comes in cheapest or near the top for millennials, married couples, and seniors. It’s no wonder this locally focused company is so popular.

#3 allstate Ranking
Percent of Drivers Who Choose Allstate: 7.21%

Rounding out third place is Allstate, with just over 7% Tennessee auto insurance market share (funny, it’s also third nationwide). Allstate is popular and fairly cheap, coming in third place for cheapest average yearly rates in Tennessee at $1,326. Allstate is known for its safe driving rewards program, accident forgiveness, and focus on teen drivers.

Percent of Drivers Who Choose GEICO: 6.93%

Known for its many memorable commercials and mascots, GEICO is popular among Tennessee drivers with about 7% market share. We found rates to be above average at $2,098, and our research showed even cheaper rates for millennial men. GEICO did fell behind most other Tennessee insurance companies in its customer satisfaction ranking. Despite any drawbacks, the company remains fairly popular in Tennessee.

#5 progressive Ranking
Percent of Drivers Who Choose Progressive: 5.98%

Progressive is very popular with U.S. drivers and comes in average for Tennesseans, covering 6% of drivers in the state. Like GEICO, Progressive is known for its hard-to-forget commercials. It also has innovative features like the Name Your Price® tool and accurate quoting process. We found Progressive average yearly rates to be the cheapest in Tennessee for seniors and women age 25. For others, their rates were middle of the road.

Liberty Mutual
Percent of Drivers Who Choose Liberty Mutual: 5.47%

In our Liberty Mutual auto insurance review, we declared it to be best for drivers who want high-quality insurance and those with teen drivers. This is because across the board, the company’s rates were more expensive than average. This could be why, despite it’s large national footprint, Liberty Mutual fell behind in popularity for Tennessee drivers.

Percent of Drivers Who Choose USAA: 5.33%

Fifth largest nationwide, USAA covers more than 5% of Tennessee drivers. With 2,189 active duty military members in Tennessee, it’s no surprise that USAA ranks in the top ten most popular car insurance companies in Tennessee. Founded as insurance for military members and their families, USAA is also known for its ultra-high customer retention rate and similarly high customer satisfaction ratings.

Percent of Drivers Who Choose Nationwide: 4.62%

Nationwide is eighth largest in the U.S. and in Tennessee, where it covers just under 5% of drivers. Although it trails in popularity, our research found Nationwide to have the highest customer satisfaction rating in Tennessee among its peers.

Percent of Drivers Who Choose Travelers: 2.24%

Travelers covers only 2% of Tennessee drivers, which is about equal with its national market share. We found its rates to be better than average for older adults, and especially cheap for women age 25. On the downside, Travelers scored as worst out of 10 in our Tennessee customer satisfaction ranking.

Percent of Drivers Who Choose Farmers: 2.22%

We’re a bit surprised that Farmers Insurance is so unpopular with Tennesseans, compared to the others on this list. Farmers’ average rates are near-cheapest in just about every category, and it offers a wealth of discounts. It’s low popularity in Tennessee could be due to its customer satisfaction results, which we found to be very low.

How Much Car Insurance Do You Need in Tennessee?

In order to drive legally in Tennessee, you are required to have at least:
$15,000 in property damage liability
$25,000 in bodily injury liability per person
$50,000 in bodily injury liability per accident

For most people, having Tennessee’s minimum car insurance is hardly ever enough. That is why its so important to know how much the right coverage is for your unique situation. Luckily, our car insurance calculator can help you decide by answering just a few simple questions. We’ll give you our best estimate, so you don’t end up underinsured or paying too much for coverage you don’t need.

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