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Reviewed By Micah Pratt
on February 5, 2016

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We’ve done all the legwork and have brought you all the information you need to know if you’re thinking about opening a home insurance policy with Farmers. Not because we are affiliated with them–in fact, we are not at all.  We’ve done it so that you can be certain you have an unbiased review of top home insurance companies such as Farmers.  Check out the pros, cons, discounts, reviews, and more below before you get a quote.

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What Do You Want to Know More About?

The Good Stuff

  • The Farmers® Rewards Visa® Card is just for policyholders and lets you redeem for statement credits, travel, and more. As of June 2015, it was available in Ohio, New Jersey, and Washington. That’s a pretty neat feature “beyond the quote” we haven’t seen elsewhere that lets you earn on your premiums and purchases.
  • Claim Forgiveness. If you go claims-free for six years, Farmers will forgive you the first time you file a claim. In other words: your rates won’t shoot up!
  • Interactive Home Insurance Map. This awesome feature shows your room-by-room what you need to insure. It’s a great way to really see how insurance can save the day if you need it.

The Not-So-Good Stuff

  • Farmers scored average across the board in its JD Power scores. This is a tiny nit to pick, but other companies have some higher scores in certain categories and signs of better customer satisfaction.

Where You Can Get Farmers Home Insurance

Farmers insurance is available to homeowners in all 50 states and D.C.. Learn about your coverage options by clicking on your state below.

Home Requirements

Farmers Auto Insurance Discounts

Here’s how you may be able to save on a Farmers home insurance policy:

  • Non-Smoker Discount
  • Home Improvement Discount
  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Update Plumbing/Electrical Discount
  • Home Security Discount
  • Safety Device Discount
  • High Deductible Discount

Make sure to ask about these discounts along with a quote from Farmers Insurance.

How Farmers Insurance Ranks In The Industry

Looking at industry and customer satisfaction rankings is a great way to determine how a company handles business and policyholders. Take a look below to see how Farmers is doing across a variety of categories.

Weiss Rating looks at over 11,000 financial companies and uses a letter system to grade them by how they’re doing financially. The higher the better—just like in grade school.

Farmers got a B+ for financial strength. That’s good news for you as a policyholder and them as a company because it means they have the financial backing to go far.

JD Power surveys customers for feedback and ranks companies based on overall satisfaction. In a 2015 JD Power U.S. Household Insurance Study for Homeowners Insurance, Farmers scored:

Household Insurance Study

Overall Satisfaction

Policy Offerings


Billing and Payment

Customer Interaction

Claims Experience


Market share is the percentage of customers a company has in a certain area compared to competitors. In other words, it shows how popular companies are compared to other providers. Farmers home insurance ranked as a top five company in 20 states, ranking second in half of those. According to our research, its highest market shares are in New Mexico, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Oregon, and California.

Where Farmers Sells The Most Home Insurance Policies
Curious where Farmers sells the most policies, based on volume of policies written?  Here is a quick snapshot:

  • California: 1,159,088 policies
  • Texas: 884,309 policies
  • Oklahoma: 264,665 policies
  • Colorado: 222,826 policies
  • Arizona: 204,731 policies

 Rank in StateMarket Share PercentDirect Premiums Written
New Mexico220.01 93,778
Wyoming217.73 30,160
Oklahoma217.36 264,665
Oregon216.3 116,484
California216.01 1,159,088
Nevada215.79 79,798
Utah214.39 66,744
Arizona214.17 204,731
Montana313.34 36,886
Washington313.27 201,882
Idaho212.37 36,960
Colorado211.79 222,826
Texas311.25 884,309
Kansas39.05 94,968
Minnesota38.64 166,737
Arkansas57.87 66,033
Missouri47.73 142,304
South Dakota37.48 15,234
Alabama46.45 104,450
Illinois45.75 190,517
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What Real Customers Are Saying

“My favorite thing about Farmers is definitely the customer service.” – Tupou A.

“Quick to respond to claims.” – Patrick M.

I can call my agent anytime day or night if I have an emergency. If I have a question I can text and get a same day response. If I have a change a quick email gets my change in place within a hour! WOW!” – Vanessa C.

“They always seem to be on the spot and take care of me.” – Tanner S.

Features We Love

Don’t go digging to find out what else Farmers offers. We’ve found all the bonus features and put them here.

  • E-Build. If your home is damaged and needs some rebuilding, you can get up to $25,000 extra from your Farmers claim if you use green materials. That’ll make you and Mother Earth happy.
  • Farmers Inner Circle has a ton of resource articles from insurance topics to homeowner safety to help educate you.
  • The Farmers mobile app is a modern way to manage your policy on-the-go. Access your policy, call a claims agent, and more from this app.

About Farmers

Farmers Insurance has been around since 1928. Its mission was originally to provide insurance to farmers. Today, its grown its own crop of customers and serve 10 million homes and 20 million policies throughout America.

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