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Reviewed By Joshua Adamson
on February 5, 2016

As the 9th largest auto insurance company in the country, the intricacies of American Family can be complicated.  We have combed through the ins and outs to give you the information needed for you to make a confident decision.  Read about Am Fam’s coverage options, average costs, quotes, standout features, and more to see if it’s the right choice for you!

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What Do You Want to Know More About?

What are the benefits of American Family auto policies?

  • Variety of discounts such as multi-policy, safety equipment, accident free, good student, defensive driving, and more are available to help you save money. These factors may translate into a lower quote from American Family than other providers.
  • The Teen Safe Driver ProgramSM , an initiative that uses a device in your car to monitor teen driving, reports where they need to improve, and adjust rates accordingly. Since its creation, teenagers who are enrolled in it have reduced their unsafe driving habits by 70%.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Accident forgiveness doesn’t apply unless you have a five-year clean driving record when you file a claim.
  • It’s Mobile App has received negative feedback from both iPhone and Android users, averaging only two stars. While it was designed to allow customers to pay bills, contact an agent, view policy documents, download proof of insurance for Passbook, and more on-the-go, it has been called dated and impossible to use.
  • Auto coverage isn’t available in 31 states.

How much are American Family’s auto insurance quotes?

Drivers in only 19 states have the privilege of having American Family as an option, including:  Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin. See how it measures up in your state compared to other companies.

Auto Insurance

Where Most American Family Auto Insurance Has the Most Customers

Based on our own research, we found the top 10 insurers in every state and how much of the auto insurance market they insure. Here is how American Family measures up in popularity across America. American Family ranked in the top ten insurance companies for highest market share in 18 out of the 19 states it insures in.

  • Wisconsin: American Family is the top auto insurance provider in Wisconsin. Of all insured drivers, 19.67 have a policy with American Family.
  • Missouri: 13.64% of drivers have an auto policy with AmFam.
  • Kansas: American Family has policies with 12.67% of all drivers in Kansas.
  • Minnesota: 11.11% of drivers chose American Family in 2014.
  • South Dakota: The state has 10.24% of its drivers insured with American Family.

States Where AmFam Sold the Most Policies in 2014

Based on the sheer number of premiums, American Family wrote the most policies in:

  • Wisconsin: AmFam sold the most policies in Wisconsin out of every insurer—522,203 to be exact!
  • Missouri: 432,766 policies
  • Minnesota: 343,901 policies
  • Colorado: 276,504 policies
  • Illinois: 272,874 policies

American Family Auto Insurance Quotes

We compared and analyzed insurance premiums from popular insurance companies across the country. Our research shows that American Family is in the top three most affordable for drivers under the age of 30. For example, when compared to seven other providers, it is 17% cheaper than the next most affordable for drivers, age 25.

According to our analysis, here is how American Family’s average auto insurance rates compare to other providers for different driver profiles.

* These are real numbers from 2014 and 2015, but are subject to change in the coming months or years. They are only here as an indication as to how carriers stack up against each other.

American Family Auto Insurance Discounts

These are the American Family discounts that may help you save on your insurance rate if you qualify:

  • Safety Discounts can be earned by taking defensive driving courses, logging low mileage, having a clean driving record, and having safety features like airbags and daytime lights.
  • Young Driver Discounts apply to teens and kids away at college. Earn discounts for their good grades, volunteering efforts, long distance to school, and more.
  • Loyalty Discounts reward you if your family member has a policy with American Family.
  • Multi-Policy Discounts, like when you bundle a homeowners insurance policy and auto insurance policy, can help you save.
  • Convenience Discounts include savings for AutoPay, electronic billing, paying in full, and other similar policy options.
  • Bonus Discounts range from pet insurance, new car replacement coverage, and more.

Insurance Ratings

For almost everything, there’s a trophy. When it comes to insurance, JD Power rankings and Weiss Ratings are the judges who determine which insurance agencies get the gold. Using customer input and financial rankings, this is how American Family Insurance stacked up against the rest.

Weiss Rating: The Weiss Rating looks at over 11,000 financial institutions and measures their financial stability based on a number of factors. The highest score is an A+ and the lowest is an E-.

American Family received a B+ for financial strength for a 2015 Weiss Rating.  To put this in perspective, only 128 companies scored better while 3,547 companies scored a B- or worse.  If financial security is important in your search, American Family is a good option.

JD Power Scores:  In a JD Power survey, customers report how they feel about a company across a number of categories. Here’s how American Family did in 2015.

Claims Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction

Service Experience


Repair Process

Rental Car



Insurance Shopping Results

Overall Satisfaction

Policy Offerings


Customer Service Experience


What Real People Are Saying

“Its competitive rates  Also, all of my assets are covered under one company  Great client service.  I’ve been with American Family for 15 years.” -Ric

“I enjoy the fact that I have a local representative, designated to a small case load.   The customer care is relatively simple, but the accident case workers aren’t the most friendly.” -Zoe

“American Family agents are personable, easy to deal with, and they even call and tell me happy birthday!” -Angie

What are the best features?

The more you know, the better. Here is what we love about American Family Insurance.

  • Discounts on repairs are available if you’re paying out-of-pocket (with a deductible) and you choose to work with an American Family approved repair shop.
  • Educational resourcessuch as driving tips help members and non members drive safer. A lot of insurance companies provide this, but American Family’s approach is comprehensive and easy to use.
  • Rental cars won’t cost you as much if you don’t have rental car reimbursement on your policy because you can work with a provider in the American Family network to receive a discount.
  • Lifetime warranty on repairs done by an approved garage. This means American Family will cover the cost of the repair if something goes wrong down the road due to an error by the shop’s mechanics or mechanical failure of the part.
  • Repair bills are sent directly to American Family if you work with an approved shop—allowing you to skip a trip to the post office to mail a check.

Why should you consider American Family auto insurance?

You have your own mind and have probably made it up by now. We’re just here to lay out the facts so you are confident in which carrier is the best choice for you. Here is what the facts tell us about American Family auto insurance:

Best For Most Drivers Where It Provide’s Coverage.

American Family only sells in 19 states, yet is still the 9th largest auto insurance company in the country. This tells us that drivers in those 19 states are flocking to it for coverage.

Not only does it receive high rankings in the industry for a number of categories, bit it also is one of the more affordable options for a wide range of different types of drivers. These factors may lead you to check out a quote from American Family insurance.

About American Family

American Family Insurance has been around for more than 80 years and serves thousands of people in 19 states. With a mission to inspire, protect, and restore dreams, American Family provides personalized service in auto, home, health, farm and ranch insurance and more.

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