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A fire, burglary, or personal injuries can happen anytime at your home–making renters insurance vital. That’s because it helps protects you from legal and medical costs and in most cases, will assist you in recouping your damaged or stolen belongings.

While it’s a common misconception, homeowners insurance does not cover renters. Generally, landlord policies will cover the dwelling and any furniture or other personal belongings the property owner keeps at the house. It also covers the landlord’s liability. Renters who want their personal property, liability, or additional living expenses (after a covered claim) to be covered need a renters policy. Our guide below answers questions you might have about North Dakota renters insurance.

What Is The Average Renters Insurance Cost in North Dakota?

Cost is one of the biggest concerns for many insurance shoppers. The cost of renters insurance in this regard is no different. There’s good news. North Dakotans pay an average of $115 a year for renters insurance. That’s one of the lowest rental property insurance rates in the country–9% lower than the national average. At a little over $9 a month, renters insurance is probably cheaper than your Netflix subscription. To put it even simpler, you’d have to work only 16 hours at a minimum-wage job to cover the premium.

This covers personal property, liability, and additional living costs after a claim. Some property managers contract with insurance companies that cover security deposits as well. Why are renters policies so cheap in North Dakota?

These policies cover similar threats like fire, theft, and flood. Renters insurance companies don’t have to cover dwelling repair or replacement after a claim. This takes out a large part of the risk for insurance companies.

A cheap renters insurance quote may include $10,000 of personal property coverage and a certain amount of medical expenses and liability. The cheapest renters insurance rates may also vary depending on things like your zip code. Rates are based on various risk factors, which could include crime rates and theft.

North Dakota Rental Insurance Coverage

Did you know that you may be liable to pay for damages in your rental unit if your candle starts a fire? Did you know that your landlord doesn’t foot the bill for your damaged or stolen belongings if something bad happens in the building? What about the fact that there were 2,377 burglaries in North Dakota in 2012 and without renters insurance, you’d have to pay to replace everything that was stolen?

A proper renters insurance policy can help protect you against all of this and more.

Are There Discounts for North Dakota Renters?

The cost of a renters insurance policy is extremely low, but you can save even more on your renters insurance if you qualify for the following discounts:

  • Bundling: A multi-policy discount is applied when you have two or more policies with the same company. If you get your renters insurance from your auto insurance company, you could potentially save on both. Of course, all policies have to be under one name.
  • Previous claims: Those who haven’t ever filed a claim will usually save more on premiums. The average cost goes up every time you file even a small claim.
  • Safety hardware: Smoke detectors, fire alarms, sprinklers, and security devices all add up to discounts. The cheapest renters insurance often comes to those with these additional safety features in their homes.
  • Higher deductibles: If you pay more for a deductible, you get more affordable renters insurance premiums. Just make sure you can afford the deductible if there’s a claim. Some companies may make you pay your deductible first.

How Many North Dakotans Are Renters?

In North Dakota, 34% of residents are renters. For a two-bedroom unit, renters pay an average of $749 a month, but just $115 for renters insurance every year. If you’re a college student living in a dorm, your parents’ homeowners policy may cover your personal belongings. For everyone else, the price of renters insurance is a small fraction of the cost of one serious water damage or other property damage claim.

Where Can You Find An Expert for Renters Insurance Coverage?

Call [mapi-phone /] to speak to a licensed agent who can answer any additional questions you may have. If you are ready to start shopping, those same agents can get you a free quote on renters insurance near you. Then you can compare options and find the insurance company that makes sense for your needs.

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