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Top Geo-Tracking Apps For A Safer Halloween

Halloween Kids

Don’t let your mind be haunted with worry this Halloween. Equip yourself and your kids with these top geo-tracking apps. They’ll allow you to keep track of where your family is and give them access to safety features in case they need them.


If your kids are heading out trick-or-treating with friends, keep tabs on their whereabouts with FamilySignal. This app uses GPS and allows you track your family with your smartphone. Have your kids take their phones with them and use the app to check in when they get to certain locations, alert the proper authorities if there is an emergency, and use a panic button if they don’t feel safe. You can even set boundaries for where they’re allowed to go and monitor their every move. This way, they can head out for a fun night on Halloween and you can keep your worries at bay. Plus, you can use it all-year-round.


Let your trick-or-treaters roam free on Halloween with TrickorTracker. With features that show your kids exactly where they are so they don’t get lost and settings that update you with their location every hour, both of you can focus on fun and not fretting.

Offender Locator

Keep a map of sex offenders in the palm of your hand with this app. Using Google Maps, Offender Locator will drop pins on the addresses of local sex offenders. Make sure to check it out and tell your kids to steer clear of those neighborhoods.


Life360 works with your smartphone to help you track the location of your children. Set a route for trick-or-treating and then watch them check in as they go house to house. The great thing about this app is that it doesn’t end after Halloween night comes to a close. You can use this app all year to schedule carpools, set up routes that are safe for your kids to travel, have your kids check in when they get home, and much more. It’s truly a worry-free app that allows you to keep tabs on your entire family without having to spend time texting or fearing the worst.


Glympse doesn’t just let you set routes, check in, and track your loved ones, it also shows you their movement in real time. Check out the map to watch the progress of their car as it goes to a friend’s house. Even make sure they get to school or back home okay. On Halloween, have your kids download the app so you can monitor them while you’re at home giving out candy.


Your kids won’t have to worry about checking in with this app. Footprints sends GPS updates of your kids’ whereabouts automatically. Similar to the other apps, Footprints allows you to set perimeters and keep your kids out of places you aren’t comfortable with. You can also turn on settings that tell you every time your family member is on the go.


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