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Car Expert Jim Motavalli Says Tesla Model S is “The Most Amazing Drive”

Jim Motavalli's Favorite Ride

As a contributor to the Wheels Blog on the New York Times, Car Talk at NPR, Mother Nature Network, and, Jim Motavalli has driven some pretty incredible cars – cars most people spend their lifetime lusting after. I had the pleasure of talking with Jim about his favorite driving experience. I wanted to know if there was one car – amongst all of those incredible cars – that stood out above the rest. I thought it might be hard for Jim to choose, but when I asked him about his favorite driving experience his response was quick and sure.

“The most amazing drive I’ve ever had is in the Tesla Model S.”

Being accustomed to driving supercars and the power that comes with those supercars, Jim was amazed that “there can be an electric car that has performance that equals or exceeds that.”

“What’s remarkable about it, generally with a super car the whole point is that it makes all this noise, right? The noise is tuned to sound particularly appealing to the driver. By contrast, the Tesla Model S is almost totally silent. So, you just push on the accelerator and it takes off with seemingly no effort.”

Tesla on the Road

Then, I asked him to tell me about the aesthetics of the interior of the car. What did he love about the interior? Was there anything that made it different than the other supercars?

“The Tesla Model S, the interior of it, particularly the dashboard is a sign of what is to come in autos. You see what looks like a 17 inch tablet on its side and the control for the radio, the climate, and various electronic aids from Tesla are all virtual. They just appear on the screen and with a download the car company can actually send you a download on the fly, while you’re driving, that will update the car.”

Tesla Interior

Jim sees these revolutionary technologies as game changers for the auto industry.

“I think that Tesla was really smart to see that coming ahead of everyone else. That’s where it’s all going to go.”

Have you had the chance to drive a Tesla? Share your experience in the comments below.

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