5 Apps to Turn Your House Into a Smarthome

Home Control App

Getting up to flip on a light switch, turn on the coffeemaker, or close the garage door is becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to modern apps, you can make your home smarter and enjoy the convenience and ease it brings. If letting technology do more of the work sounds divine, try our top five smarthome apps.

Best total home control: SmartThings

Ever want to be able to turn on your coffee maker from the comfort of your bed? What about turn your flat iron off on your way to the office? With SmartThings you can. By purchasing the SmartThings Hub and downloading the app, you can sync up practically any electronic and control it from your smartphone. It will even give you notifications to tell you when it’s completing a task. Talk about home sweet home.

Best temperature control: Nest

Hate getting up on a winter morning to freeze until your house warms up? Don’t fall victim to that inconvenience ever again with Nest. This smart thermostat is controllable from your phone, monitors temperature habits, and can be programmed to warm or cool at certain times. Not only will you have detailed information about your energy usage, but you’ll have climate control from wherever, whenever.

Nest also has a new feature called Nest Protect. This handy device is a lifesaver—literally. Considered to be one of the most advanced smoke and fire detection systems on the market, it alerts your phone if something is wrong. Nest can also be quieted from your smartphone. So if you’re cooking dinner and it starts beeping, you won’t have to wave a pillow in front of it until it shuts up.

Best lighting technology: Hue

This device makes the clap-on lights of yesterday look like child’s play. By buying the bulbs, installing the bridge hardware, and downloading the app, you can program lights to wake you up in the morning or turn into a strobe light for a party. The Hue app works through the bridge device that’s connected to wifi, so you can control your lighting remotely through your smartphone or sync it up to the rest of the internet. From changing colors to dimming to pulsing, these lights can illuminate your life in ways you never knew possible.

Best security: ADT Pulse

Already a trusted home security provider, ADT is now a smarthome company. With their new product, ADT Pulse, customers can  monitor their homes from anywhere. All it takes is the installation of cameras, thermostats, water and flood sensors, and special locks and you’ll have complete control no matter where you are. If your kid gets locked out after school, you can unlock the door from your office. If you’re worried about intruders, you can surveil live video of your house. If you want to make the house cozy before you get home, turn up the heat and lights right from your phone. This system can do it all when it comes to giving you peace of mind.

Best locksmith: Kevo

The Kevo deadbolt works much like keyless cars. By sensing a device in your pocket or purse, it unlocks with a touch. With a simple installation of the deadbolt and download of the app, you can walk up to your door, touch the lock, and enter inside. You can even add authorized users like your family or house sitter too and remove as necessary. Available through the app and convenient key fobs, you won’t ever get locked out. Kevo also works with Nest, so it’s a two in one for security and temperature control.

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