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4 Reasons to Downsize Your Home

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With the economy in a constant state of flux many people have begun to see the perks in downsizing. While that five-bedroom house with a detached garage and swimming pool might be fun to own, it isn’t always practical. There are plenty of good reasons to consider trading in that palace for a smaller abode.

Your Home Has Become An Empty Nest

As the holidays approach many parents have sent their children off to college for the first time and are starting to feel the pangs of empty nest syndrome. Without the kids bouncing in and out, asking for help with homework and leaving their clothes strewn all over the place, that once spacious house begins to look a little too spacious for your needs. The Baby Boomers are being hit especially hard, with 36 percent of them planning on moving to a smaller home.

Downsizing is a perfect option to help stave off the loneliness that now-spare bedroom brings, and also cuts down on the amount of space you need to clean. It also might help dissuade your child from any plans of moving back in and taking away your newfound freedom.

You Need to Save Money

Whether your financial situation is in dire straights or you’ve decided the finer things in life cannot be bought, saving money is a great reason to downsize your home. Not only will a smaller house come with a lighter mortgage payment, but you’ll save on your utilities and maintenance fees too. As of now 76 percent of families in larger homes are living paycheck to paycheck and spend between a third and half of their income to maintain their living space.

One aspect that many homeowners don’t consider when deciding whether to downsize is insurance costs. With a smaller living space you’ll be able to decrease the amount you pay to keep you covered in case of an accident or disaster. If you’re in the market for a smaller house and are unsure of what type of insurance you’ll need, give an Obrella agent a call and they’ll help you decide on the best plan for your new home.

Two Stories Has Become Too Much

When raising a family an extra level or two is a great way to add space to your home while also being able to put some much-needed distance between you and the kids. Once they’re gone it no longer remains a necessity, and can also be detrimental to your wellbeing.

As you get older moving around the house to do simple things in a two or three-story house will put unneeded stress on your body. Downsizing to a one-level home will help with mobility and provide you with fewer beds to climb under in order to keep it clean.

You’ve Become Eco-Friendly

The younger generation is more in-tune with the world’s need for sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles to keep it going. Moving into a smaller home is a fantastic way to decrease your carbon footprint. Smaller homes are more energy efficient and produce less waste than larger ones. They also require fewer materials to build.

If you’re really feeling eco-friendly, you can take the plunge and dive into a tiny home.

Today the average square footage of a single-family home has risen to nearly 2600 feet, up from less than 1000 in 1950. Studies continually show that owning more doesn’t increase happiness, so maybe it’s time to say goodbye to that extra bedroom down the hall and hello to an extra vacation next summer.

Downsizing can increase extra spending money, help pay for your kid’s schooling or simply provide you with less space to clean, which we know will probably equal less stress and chores in the long run. It’s kind of a no brainer when you think of it like that.

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