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Renters insurance is a critical policy to have in case you fall victim to fire, theft, or someone is injured on your property. Renters insurance will help you replace your belongings or cover medical costs in the majority of cases. We did our research to give you the inside view into Nebraska  renters insurance.

How Much It Can Cost

If you rent in Nebraska, you could get a year of renters insurance for roughly $150. That’s 20% less than renters pay on average across the country and possibly even cheaper than some of your bills.

Because renters insurance costs so little for thousands of dollars worth of medical/legal and personal belongings coverage, that minimal premium pays big dividends in peace of mind and in actuality if you ever need it. When you tally up how much you have to lose—including furniture and appliances, clothing, jewelry, art, and electronics—the cost of replacing it all would be far more than the cost of a renters insurance policy. In Nebraska, you can pay for a whole year’s premium by working just 19 hours at minimum wage. Now that you know how affordable renters insurance can be, don’t end up as a victim of theft or disaster without coverage.

Nebraska Rental Insurance Coverage

Break-ins happen every day. How would you feel if you were one of the victims of the 8,735 burglaries reported across the state of Nebraska in 2012? Our guess is not good– but if you didn’t have a renters insurance policy and were robbed we think you’d feel even worse.

That’s because renters insurance helps cover the cost of replacing your lost valuables if they’re damaged or lost in a fire, water leak, storm, and more. Most policies also provide help with liability coverage if someone is injured while visiting your home. When you consider all the things that could go wrong, it’s nice to know your renters insurance will have your back if you need to file a claim.

Discounts in Nebraska

An insurance company will determine your renters insurance premium based on factors like your address, claims history, current policies, and a slew of other variables. However, you can keep your premiums lower by qualifying for discounts.

  • Multi-Policy: Combine insurance policies to save more money.
  • No Prior Claims: If you haven’t ever filed a claim, you’ll save on your rental insurance premium.
  • Safety Devices: Smoke detectors, sprinklers, anti-theft systems, and home monitoring systems can save you money.
  • Higher Deductibles: Agreeing to a higher deductible can lower your renters insurance premium. But be careful, make sure the deductible is something you can afford if you need to make a claim.

Facts on Nebraska Renters

Renters make up 33% of residents in Nebraska. Since an average two-bedroom rental in Nebraska costs around $716 a month and whole year’s worth of renters insurance is only $150, it’s clear to see how affordable a policy can be.

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