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What is suspended license insurance?

A driver with a suspended license can still drive and get insurance coverage, though doing so will be difficult or in some places, impossible. A popular way to get suspended license insurance is with a restricted license. You may need to prove that you need to drive for a very important reason.

One of the top questions drivers have is how they can get suspended license insurance. It’s a tricky issue and the answer may not be as straightforward as you think.

People who have had their license suspended may still be able to get car insurance, but it comes at a high price and with some conditions. In some states, it may not be possible at all. In states where there is still a chance to get covered, you may need a special type of license.

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Auto Insurance With Suspended License

If you’ve had your license suspended, there’s no need to panic right away.

Your car insurance will be cancelled at some point. But if you’re in the middle of your policy term and it doesn’t have an exclusionary clause for driver suspensions, you’ll most likely be covered until the policy expires.

Insurance follows the car, so it may be possible for others in your household to drive your vehicle until the end of the policy. The lawmakers who regulate insurance do not want insurers to immediately cancel coverage.

Even if a driver’s license has been suspended, state officials do not want insurance firms to immediately cancel coverage.

This is because even if one driver gets into trouble, it’s possible other drivers might still drive the same vehicle. They could be completely unaware of the license suspension.

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How to Get Insurance With a Suspended License

Obtaining a restricted license from the DMV in your state is something that can give you back your driving rights (with conditions). It is often the most effective strategy when you are trying to get insurance with a suspended license.

A restricted license is also known as a hardship license. It is just what it sounds like. A driver’s license to operate a vehicle, but with restrictions and conditions or restrictions imposed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If your state allows restricted licenses in general, you can drive only for specific purposes. For example, if you need to drive to get to school or your job, or if you need to use the vehicle to attend a court-ordered program.

Which companies offer suspended license insurance?

If you apply for a restricted license and get it, some of the country’s best car insurance companies are likely to provide you insurance coverage. Companies like Allstate and the General offer this type of insurance.

You will probably be limited in your choice of insurance, however. Usually, non-standard insurance, a type of coverage for high-risk drivers, is the type you’ll be offered.

You can check to see if your insurer is a suspended license car insurance company that will offer you coverage by entering your ZIP code and getting a free quote.

Will I need an SR-22 if my license is suspended?

If you’ve committed multiple or severe traffic offenses, an SR-22 lets you keep your driver’s license. A court will order it if you need one. So what is an SR-22?

It’s not a type of insurance per se. It is a certificate that confirms that you meet the state’s minimum insurance requirements. Your insurance company will file this to verify your status.

There are several other reasons why you may need SR-22 car insurance as well.

Three Reasons Why You Need SR-22 or FR-44 Car Insurance

3 Reasons Why You Need SR-22 Auto Insurance3 Reasons Why You Need FR-44 Auto Insurance
Driving With A Suspended Driver's LicenseCausing Injury While Driving Under The Influence
Received A Citation For Failing To Maintain The Minimum Auto Insurance RequirementsDriving Under The Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
You've Been Convicted Of Serious Driving Violations Like Reckless DrivingDriving With Revoked Driver's License Due To A Conviction
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Frequently Asked Questions: Suspended License Insurance

Below is a common question asked about having a suspended license.

#1 – Can someone else drive my car if I have a suspended license?

Yes, provided your vehicle is still registered and the required insurance is in place, someone else can still drive your car. However, you should look at your policy to be sure that it covers permissive use, which means other drivers are allowed.

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