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What is rental car reimbursement insurance?

Rental car reimbursement is a type of add-on to car insurance. It helps cover the costs of a rental car or transportation while your car is being repaired due to a covered claim, such as an accident. It doesn't cost much and is offered by many car insurance companies. It can be referred to by other names, such as rental coverage or loss of use coverage. It is also sometimes known as extended transportation expenses coverage.

Rental car reimbursement coverage is offered by most major car insurance companies. Somehow, though, many drivers don’t think about adding it as an additional coverage option.

It’s also affordable, so the cost could be worth it. But what is this type of insurance and what is it all about? This guide will give you all of the answers.

It’s possible to add this type of coverage to your policy at any time. To buy rental car reimbursement car insurance all you have to do is enter your ZIP code into our free tool. You’ll get rental car reimbursement car insurance quotes from the top companies in your area right away.

Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage

If your car is damaged in a covered accident and is out of operation for more than one day, rental reimbursement can pay for a rental car. Rental car reimbursement is also known as extended transportation expenses coverage.

It is usually an optional piece of coverage on a car insurance policy, which means you’ll have to pay an additional cost for it.

In addition to rental cars, this type of car insurance can also pay for your transportation costs, such as taking taxis or the bus, as long as it’s related to your car accident.

Rental car reimbursement car insurance is also affordable and doesn’t cost much to add to an existing policy. An accident can be costly so it’s best to be prepared. Having a backup ride like a rental car is one of the top ways to save after an accident, so planning ahead is crucial.

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What isn’t covered by rental car reimbursement insurance?

As long as it is part of a covered car insurance claim, rental car reimbursement coverage will assist with the cost of a rental car. Other reasons for renting a vehicle, such as routine car maintenance or you taking a trip, probably will not be covered.

Are there limits to the coverage?

While rental car reimbursement insurance is great to have, it doesn’t cover everything. You should know what the limits are.

Although you usually have freedom of choice when it comes to where to rent a car, certain insurance companies have partnered with specific rental car providers.

If you rent a car from a company that has a contract with your insurance company, the rental car company may bill your insurer directly.

Although it may seem to limit your choices, it’s actually a benefit to you as you’ll be saving money on out-of-pocket expenses after your accident.

If the rental place you want to use isn’t part of your insurance company’s network, you’ll probably have to pay for the vehicle upfront and then request reimbursement from your insurer.

Your insurance company will also have a limit on how much they’ll pay for rental reimbursement coverage. Usually, there’s a daily limit as well as a maximum number of days it can be used for.

You’ll have to pay out of pocket for charges that exceed the limits if the rental car you choose is more expensive or you need to keep it for longer.

What companies offer rental car reimbursement insurance?

Many major insurance companies understand that rental car reimbursement insurance can be a vital part of coverage for car owners.

That’s why Travelers Insurance offers rental car reimbursement, as well as GEICO, Allstate, USAA, and Progressive among others. The best way to find the right company for you is to shop around.

You don’t have to wait to get a quote. Finding the best rental car reimbursement car insurance company for your needs is as easy as entering your ZIP code into our free tool and getting rental car reimbursement car insurance rates right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Rental Car Reimbursement

Have more questions about affordable rental car reimbursement car insurance? We have answers.

#1 – What type of car insurance includes rental car reimbursement?

Usually, if you have comprehensive or collision damage coverage, that will include the coverage for rental reimbursement.

#2 – Will I be reimbursed for a rental car if I was not at fault in the accident?

When it comes to rental car reimbursement, not-at-fault drivers aren’t responsible for paying. In this case, your rental should be paid for by the other driver’s insurance company. You’ll need to call their provider right away and file a claim.

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