In Colorado, the annual rental insurance premium is about $169. That’s barely $14 a month! For less than the cost of your monthly pizza delivery, you can protect your stuff and give yourself some well-deserved peace of mind.

In comparison to other states, Coloradoans actually pay -10% less than the national average. To make it even simpler to understand, someone working a minimum wage job would only have to put in 21 hours to pay for their annual renters insurance premium.

Colorado Rental Insurance Coverage

In 2012, there were 3,245 burglary cases in Colorado. Can you imagine being one of those people who came home to discover someone ransacked your belongings? What’s worse would be discovering this to be true and being without renters insurance because you would have to pay for replacements all on your own.

Theft isn’t the only danger either. Fire could leave you with just the clothes on your back. Weather could cause water damage to your belongings. Even your uneven floors could cause someone to fall and sue you for medical expenses. The bright side of all of this is that if you have a renters insurance policy, you can protect yourself from serious financial implications.

Colorado Renters Insurance Facts

Of all Colorado residents, 35% are renters and they pay an average of $1,034 for a two-bedroom apartment. Compared to the $169 it costs to buy a renters insurance policy every year, your insurance will seem like pennies.

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